SOUTH BRUNSWICK: Dr. Gerard M. Jellig appointed district's new superintendent

Ed Birch photos. Dr. Gerard Jellig speaks following his appointment as superintendent Monday night.

The South Brunswick Board of Education voted unanimously to appoint Dr. Gerard M. Jellig as the new superintendent of schools effective July 1, at a salary of $177,500 per year.

   Dr. Jellig will replace retiring Superintendent Dr. Gary McCartney, who has served the district in that role for the past 10 years.

   It was the affirmative fifth vote by veteran board member Barry Nathanson during the roll call that officially guaranteed Dr. Jellig’s appointment.

   ”I’d like to continue to help elevate the student experience in South Brunswick for all children of all ability levels and aspirations, and empower the faculty in meaningful ways so they are able to better reach every child,” said Dr. Jellig, who is currently the superintendent at the Rancocas Valley Regional School District in Mount Holly, Burlington County.

   Dr. Jellig earned his bachelor degree from Providence College, and master’s degrees from both the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins Universities. He earned his doctorate in education at the University of Pennsylvania, according to his resume.

   His classroom teaching experience was completed in Virginia and Maryland.

   He has administrative experience as an assistant principal at the Carusi Middle School in South Jersey.

   He also served as principal during a three-year stint at New Egypt Middle School in Ocean County.

   He has served at his present assignment for the past three years.

   Past honors include being named teacher of the year in 2002 at Broadneck High School in Maryland.

   In addition, both the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun twice have recognized him as a coach of the year, in two different sports.

   He has coached basketball, swimming, tennis, baseball, and football during his years. He is presently a youth football and lacrosse coach. Dr. Jellig is married to his wife, Julie, a math coach in the Glassboro Public Schools for the past 11 years.

   He is the father of four children who are presently in first grade, third grade, and twins in fourth grade.

   In his spare time, he said he serves on the board of directors of the Haddonfield Youth Football Program, serves as a Cub Master of Cub Scout Pack 65 at home, and is also a member of the Royal Fitness gym.

   Dr. Jellig has also taught educational law at Rowan College and organizational theory at the University of Pennsylvania.

   He said he is also proud of studying for one year at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, and also ran with bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

   He is also an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Army, having served in Panama in the 83rd Airborne Division.

   ”South Brunswick represents a great opportunity for me and my family, and the chance to lead a high performing and diverse K-12 district with 9,000 students doesn’t come along often,” Dr. Jellig said after being appointed.

   ”In his short time with us, Dr Jellig was able to lead his team to some pretty heavy achievements in every aspect of our district. I have never seen a superintendent with his energy and passion,” said Rancocas Valley Board of Education President Jesse Adams Jr. “We believe that our district, and especially our students, is on a very strong achievement growth path thanks to the vision, focus, and processes that Dr. Jellig has infused into our leadership team. Dr J. will be missed.”

   Dr Jellig’s parents are both from Brooklyn, New York, and his mother has been an English teacher for over the past 44 years.

   Chris Myers, assistant principal in charge of curriculum for Rancocas Valley, points out that Dr Jellig worked hard to get the Red Devils their brand new gym.

   ”He has fought to improve all of our facilities, and has added wellness and physical health programs to our district,” he said. “There is a truly great superintendent coming your way.”

   When asked if he will be attending Friday night football games and Marching Band competitions, Jellig responded “I am a strong advocate for all co-curricular learning opportunities, from theatre to music to sports and I certainly look forward to Friday nights under the lights at the high school.”

   One can only wonder if he will join in past high school principal Tim Matheney’s tradition of push-ups with each cumulative Vikings football touchdown.

   Board member Harry Delgado summarized the appointment by stating that “Dr Jellig clearly has the knowledge of the role of the superintendent. He has served his districts as a teacher, principal, and coach. He is a leader in research and can articulate himself well in every aspect of education. He is a leader, is smart, and is likeable. This district has really made the right choice. I wish him well.”


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