When you think your partner is Cheating then he/she proably is.  Of course he/she will tell you that you are crazy and deny that there is anything wrong.  You need to see it so it becomes real and provides you with Peace of Mind knowing and end the lies.  Wouldn't you rather know the truth and be able to move forward in life?  There comes a point in time taht you need to stop avoiding the reality and stop feeling sorry for yourself.  This is a service that you need to hire a surveillance expert; not just any pi can halde these cases.  Most investigators get caught because they are inexperienced or they are a one man operation.  Magnum investigations solely specializes in video surveillance where they can follow your partner without he/she ever realizing their activity was being video documented.  

Leading New Jersey's Investigative Industry Magnum is the only Video Surveillance Specialists that covers both NJ & PA that solely focuses on Cheating Investigations, Custody Investigations, and Alimony Investigations. Surveillance is difficult so much s

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