Details for Hart Apple Farms, LLC in North

Farm Worker, Laborers and Crop, Hart Apple Farms, LLC, Peru, Champlain Valley NY area.

28 temporary workers needed, from 9/4/2019–10/25/2019

5 days per week 8 hours per day. Guaranteed hourly rate

$13.25 or piece rate $1.00/bu. fresh fruit, $.70/bu. drops or processing. Worker duties include: hand harvesting apples, fresh market apples bruising shall not exceed 4% defined in the US standard grades. Workers must be physically able to safely handle ladders up to 24 ft, to pick apples from ladders and to fill apple buckets weighing up to 60 lbs.

Workers required to repair and maintain farm vehicles, repair and maintain picking/pruning equipment, repair and maintain all farm housing and farm buildings, manually cultivating, picking rocks, weeding, raking, hoeing, hand thinning apples from trees, hand and power equipment for pruning apple trees, repairing bins and spreading bins in orchard. Work is guaranteed for ¾ of contract. Housing provided at no cost to workers, transportation and subsistence reimbursed to workers living beyond commutable distance provided by employer upon 50% completion of contract or 15 days. Due to health and safety concerns related to food safety, operation of equipment, workers are required to have proficient English skills. Workers are required to safely use all hand tools/power tools. Tools and equipment provided by the employer at no cost to the workers. Field temperatures may range from 0-95 degrees (F), may have frost, rain or snow. Workers must have suitable clothing and footwear for all weather conditions. 3 month verifiable experience is


Contact nearest State Workforce Agency

(1-877-466-9757) Job order # NY1307758.


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