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Question: What is it with the same-old same-old ending for season finales? NCIS: New Orleans had Pride shot at the end. When are shows going to do something more creative???? (Hasn’t the age of “Who Shot J.R.?” gone by?) I also wanted to Cheer Blue Bloods, which DID have a terrific upbeat ending that was […]


By Lori Acken, ReMIND Magazine What would Ian Fleming’s MI6 agent James Bond be without those memorable baddies to battle? Just a dapper guy with a tux, great gadgets, cool cars and Judi Dench’s M to keep him in line. Though 007 dodged dangers dealt by more than 100 sketchy souls throughout 26 films (and […]

From her childhood stardom to her television roles, Elizabeth Taylor was a charismatic presence. By Eric Kohanik, ReMIND Magazine She began her career as a child actress during the 1940s. And, through the decades afterward, Elizabeth Taylor became renowned as an actress for the ages, bringing her charismatic presence — and her mesmerizing violet eyes […]

By Paul Hall Travel with me to a galaxy far, far away. To a time that was a long time ago. Expand the Star Wars universe as we get the origin story for the classic character Han Solo in the new film Solo: A Star Wars Story from director Ron Howard. Early in the Star […]

Question: Designated Survivor was appointment TV for us—I say was, because we never watched it again after the winter hiatus. Seeing that it didn’t get renewed, what do you think was the primary cause of death? The long hiatus, the first lady’s death, or the constant churn behind the scenes? —Unsigned Matt Roush: My own […]

By Lori Acken, ReMIND Magazine With his craggy-handsome face, East Coast swagger and a near four-decade career that has taken him from daytime drama to feature-film stardom to his current hit TV show (opposite Jennifer Lopez!), Ray Liotta is a genuine entertainment jack of all trades. But to lots of cinephiles, Liotta, 62, will always […]

by Damian Holbrook Cheers to Chicago Fire for reigniting the Severide- Royce romance. Even though the fabulous Sarah Shahi (pictured) was only back for three episodes, her return as Taylor Kinney’s lawyer ex set off enough sparks to get us fired up about her upcoming NBC drama, Reverie. Cheers to black-ish for exploring the Johnsons’ […]

Question: I’m really going to miss The Americans big time. Any chance there will be a spinoff or continuation of the story with different characters? —Kenneth Matt Roush: I haven’t heard anything to suggest the franchise continuing or spinning off, and I tend to doubt it. The Americans is taking place at such a specific […]

By Rick Gables Two-time Emmy® Award winner and comedian Chris Hardwick is back to serve as the host to NBC’s fourth annual Red Nose Day Special on Thursday, May 24, starting at 8 p.m. ET/PT. To date, Red Nose Day has raised more than $100 million and has impacted the lives of over 8.3 million […]

By Paul Hall Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself to be amazed by incredible people in animated form, dinosaurs roaming the earth again, Avengers beyond those who were in theaters last week and yet another impossible mission. Yes, the 2018 iteration of our favorite time of the year, Summer Movie Season, is upon us, so let’s […]

Question: What is your opinion on NBC’s Good Girls? I’ve watched the first five episodes and I’m still on the fence. The three leading ladies have zero in common, with the exception of needing money desperately. Suburban moms working for criminals to earn cash for a sick child’s medical expenses, legal bills in a child […]

The Star dishes on growing up in Chicago with the nuns next door, “Taxi,” and that amazing memory of hers. By Gerry Strauss, ReMIND Magazine She’s knocked our socks off onstage, stolen our hearts on screens of all sizes and taught us how to live happier, healthier lives with her own radio show. From her […]

By Paul Hall The Marvel Universe of films expands by one with the release of Avengers: Infinity War. It’s a difficult film to review because, as all the pre-release advertising states, “Thanos demands your silence.” So how in the world am I supposed to tell you what this Avengers film is about? A historic battle […]

Question: I was looking forward to watching Roseanne again, but switched it off as soon as I realized they had a gawd-awful laugh track or live audience—same to me. Hope they x this. —Juide Matt Roush: Please don’t take offense when I tell you that I laughed out loud at this complaint. I know that […]

By Rick Gables Showtime will premiere its new five-part limited series Patrick Melrose on Saturday, May 12, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, starring Oscar® nominee and Emmy® winner Benedict Cumberbatch. Based on the acclaimed Patrick Melrose series of semi-autobiographical novels written by Edward St. Aubyn, the series is an acerbic and fearless look at the protagonist’s […]

By ReMIND Magazine Life in the suburbs! It doesn’t get any better, according to the sunny view often seen through television, movies and music. TV has often led the charge there. Here we list some of the best warmhearted, feel-good shows and movies, as well as a handful of music hits that captured life in […]

Question: I am enjoying the last season of The Americans, but I am having a difficult time with Paige becoming a spy for the Soviet Union. Did I miss something that explained it? —Sharon Matt Roush: This storyline has been brewing for quite some time, and the fact that Paige (Holly Taylor) is not a […]

By Paul Hall Second chances don’t come every day. A second piece of pie is tasty even if you know it’s not good for you. Second dates happen only when the first date succeeds (or, of course, if the girl or guy takes pity on the poor soul who is bound to mess everything up). […]

By Ryan A. Berenz, ReMIND Magazine He could deliver the lines “Thus saith the Lord God of Israel: ‘Let my people go!'” and “Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!” with equal gravitas. With an acting career spanning more than 100 films over 60 years, Charlton Heston could personify great historical figures […]

By Lori Acken Last year, National Geographic’s anthology series Genius earned 10 wide-ranging Emmy nominations for its stunning inaugural outing, which explored Albert Einstein’s personal and professional evolution. The series returns April 24 to spotlight another enigmatic intellect: prolific Spanish artist and proud bohemian Pablo Picasso. Like its predecessor, Genius: Picasso features two actors in […]

By Paul Hall It’s time for the incredibly intelligent gorilla, George, to have his own movie as the new film Rampage comes to theaters. Based on the classic video game of the same name, this offering is bound to leave a path of destruction halfway across the United States. George is living a charmed life […]

Question: With the success of most TV musical events around the holidays now, why hasn’t any network pulled the trigger on reviving the success of Reba McEntire for her Broadway performance of Annie Get Your Gun? —Jason Matt Roush: What a great idea. Reba McEntire is an authentic TV star, and Annie Get Your Gun […]

By Matt Roush, ReMIND Magazine You bet your sweet bippy that 1968 was an unforgettable year in television. Though it was also the apex of one of the most turbulent and tragic eras in U.S. and world history, 1968 on TV was mostly about offering a giddy, great escape, adhering to traditional and fondly remembered […]

By Rick Gables Andie MacDowell, Minka Kelly and Chad Michael Murray star in The Beach House, a new Hallmark Hall of Fame original film, world premiering on Hallmark Channel, Saturday, April 28, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Makenzie Vega also stars in this timeless tale about life, love and relationships. Caretta “Cara” Rutledge (Kelly) thought she’d […]

By Kellie Freeze, ReMIND Magazine When describing actress Jane Seymour, the phrases “Bond girl,” “romantic lead,” “frontier doctor” and “artist” are all things that come to mind. But what about comedian? In Pop’s comedy Let’s Get Physical, Seymour plays a former beauty queen who tries to motivate her middle-aged slacker of a son (Matt Jones […]

By Paul Hall Prom. It’s a magical time and the most expensive date most young couples will have. In the new film Blockers, that magical night serves as a backdrop for a pact between three lifelong friends. But when the girls’ parents find out about the pact, the race is on to stop them at […]

Question: I would like to know your opinion of why The Good Place and Life in Pieces don’t get the publicity and, well, Emmy nominations. They are two of the cleverest, funniest, quirkiest shows I’ve ever seen. Dianne Wiest STEALS the show on Life In Pieces and Ted Danson is, well, a piece of work […]

By Lucie M. Winborne, ReMIND Magazine This tall, handsome, quarter-Cherokee high-school dropout stumbled into acting. James Scott Bumgarner, better known to fans as James Garner, was born on April 7, 1928, in Norman, Okla. His early years were marked by abandonment, as his mother, Mildred Bumgarner, died when he was just 5 and his father, […]

By Rick Gables The HBO Films presentation Paterno debuts Saturday, April 7, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on HBO. Starring Academy Award® and Emmy® Award winner Al Pacino in the title role, the drama centers on Penn State’s Joe Paterno in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal. After becoming the winningest coach in […]

Question: Is The Brave on NBC gone for good? —Judy Matt Roush: It’s gone for now as NBC didn’t pick up the series beyond the original 13-episode order. Part of that was a matter of inventory, as Good Girls and other midseason series were waiting in the wings. And not getting the back-nine order is […]

By Lori Acken Can’t stop thinking about the Casey Anthony murder trial and its deeply unsettling outcome? Or whether missing young Illinois mom Stacy Peterson, whose corrupt-cop husband Drew is imprisoned for killing her predecessor, died at Drew’s hand, too? Marcia Clark knows just how you feel. In her new seven-part A&E series Marcia Clark […]

Question: American Idol should have bowed out quietly when it had the chance. When the show premiered, it was a “one off” for that period of time on TV. The show now has more competition than previous years. The Voice, X Factor, The Four, all competitive singing shows that were not around when Idol had […]

By Paul Hall Since the first Tomb Raider game launched in 1996, Lara Croft has been a recognizable character in video-game circles. She later was embodied in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2001 and its follow-up film two years later by Angelina Jolie, but that was then. In the new film simply titled Tomb Raider, […]

By Eric Kohanik, Remind Magazine It was on Aug. 22, 1974, that a 43-year-old Broadway actor named Hal Linden hit TV airwaves in the title role of an ABC pilot episode called “The Life and Times of Captain Barney Miller.” Created by Danny Arnold and Theodore J. Flicker, the show flopped, prompting Arnold to rework, […]

By Rick Gables PBS is transporting viewers back to East London with a seventh season of the critically acclaimed British drama Call the Midwife. The series returns on Sunday, March 25, with back-to-back episodes from 8-10 p.m. ET (Check your local listings). Nonnatus House welcomes a new midwife, Lucille Anderson played by Leonie Elliott. The […]

By Rick Gables Golden Globe winning actress Uma Thurman reprises her guest role as lethal fixer, when Bravo premieres season two of Imposters on Thursday, April 5, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The series stars Inbar Lavi, Rob Heaps, Parker Young, Marianne Rendón, Brian Benben and Stephen Bishop. Imposters follows Maddie (Lavi), a persona-shifting con artist […]

By Kellie B. Gormly, ReMIND Magazine “Two all-beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun.” If you watched TV in the ’70s, you remember this catchy ad jingle on McDonald’s commercials promoting the Big Mac. This triple-decker sandwich was more than a burger, promoters said; it was a meal. They […]

By Stephen Whitty The name is Bond. Jane Bond. Jennifer Lawrence is a super-secret agent in Red Sparrow, and her mission is simple — worm her way into an enemy spy’s affections and find out who’s feeding him info. Except — here’s the twist — she is working for the Russians. And her best secret […]

Question: Why was Hugh Laurie of House not listed among the favorite TV doctors in the article “What’s Up, Docs?” — Jane Matt Roush: No matter what the list, there are omissions that are hard to explain. My assignment was to provide a sidebar to our cover story on The Good Doctor, listing five of […]

By Stephen Whitty OK, what’s the answer to “Harmless comedy with two likable stars”? Two words, nine letters? I think we have the solution right here. Game Night is a slick farce that takes a ridiculous situation and works it pretty painlessly, thanks to Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. You won’t leave the theater holding […]

By Stephen Whitty There’s a new kind of Marvel superhero on the prowl. Black Panther isn’t just a different kind of comic-book movie, though, touched with politics and James Bond adventure. It’s a big-screen breakthrough that gives kids — and adults — a bold black hero and an alternative history lesson. In this adventure, there’s […]

By Lucie M. Winborne, ReMIND Magazine Voluptuous, athletic and beautiful, with the grace of a swan and a million-dollar smile, she swam straight into the hearts of moviegoers … and it should surprise no one that she called the water her favorite leading man. Of whom else could we be speaking than “America’s Mermaid,” Esther […]

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ALLEGRO • Painting • Spackle • Sheetrock Repairs • Crown/Trim Moulding • Power Washing • Staining & more.

Frank 732-970-1770


Newtown Park Plaza, One

bedroom in borough. Easy parking. One person, no pets, no smoking. All new

appliances and carpet. $1300/month plus electric.



Oh, most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine of splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. Oh, Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein you are my Mother. Oh, Holy Mary Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth! I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in this petition. There are none that can withstand your power. Oh, show me herein you are my Mother. Oh Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse in thee (3Xs). Holy Mother, I place this cause in your hands (3Xs). Holy Spirit, you who solve all problems, light all roads so I can attain my goal. You who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget all evil against me and that in all instances in my life you are with me, I want in this short prayer to thank you for all things as you confirm once again that I never want to be separated from you in eternal glory. Thank you for your mercy towards me and mine. + Say this prayer 3 consecutive days and publish prayer after petition is granted. Do not despair. Additional advice and petition. Pray the Rosary regularly.


B & B


Most Homes $150. & Up

Decks, Staining, Patios,

Pavers, Concrete.



Notice is hereby given that the sealed proposals will be received by the Township of Hillsborough, Somerset County, New Jersey for a "Concrete Low Flow Channel Replacement at Surrey Drive" and opened and read in public in the Court Room at the Township of Hillsborough, 379 South Branch Road, Hillsborough, New Jersey 08844 on July 11 2018 at 10:30 am prevailing time.

Contract Documents for the proposed work, which have been prepared by the Township's Engineering Department, may be inspected by prospective bidders during business hours 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

This bid consists of removal and disposal of existing deteriorated concrete low flow drainage channel and installation of a new concrete channel of same dimensions, location and elevation. The bid includes all work including dewatering, bypass pumping, lawn restoration and landscaping as necessary for a complete finished product. Survey work to verify elevation are part of the bid.

Bidders will be fumished with a copy of the Bid Package and Contract Documents by request upon proper notice of payment of a non-refundable charge of $ 20.00 payable to Township of Hillsborough to defray cost thereof. Proposals must be made on the standard Proposal Forms in the manner designed in the Contract Documents, must be enclosed in sealed envelopes bearing the name and address of the Bidder, and the name of the work on the outside; addressed to Thomas Belanger, Assistant Township Engineer, Township of Hillsborough; and must be accompanied by the Statement of Surety from a surety company authorized to do business in the State of New Jersey and acceptable to the Township and either a Bid Bond, Certified or Cashier's Check drawn to the order of the Township of Hillsborough for not less than ten percent(10%) of the amount bid, except that the check need not exceed $20,000.00. The successful bidder is hereby notified that a performance bond for the full amount of the project is required.

The award of the contract for this project will not be made until the necessary funds have been provided by Township of Hillsborough in a lawful manner.

The right is also reserved to reject any or all bids or to waive any informalities where such informality is not detrimental to the best interest of Township of Hillsborough.

BY ORDER OF the Mayor and Committee Member of the Township of Hillsborough, Somerset County, New Jersey.

Nancy Costa, Director of Finance, CFO,

HB, 1x, 6/15/18 Fee: $39.99

Storage Unit Auctions at Hogan Self Storage


Auctioning: Zikiya Lockhart Unit #227 & John Hoff Unit #325


Description of items:

Unit #227 – headboard, boxes, pictures & posters, luggage & totes, various bins,


Unit #325 – Crate and small animal carrier, lawn chairs, artwork, clothing, shoes (male &



Time/Place of Sale: Items will be up for auction on StorageTresures.com until 7/9/2018 at 4:30 pm. The highest bidder can come to retrieve items within 72 hours after contacting our office. $100 cash deposit is required prior to clean out and will be returned once bidder has removed all items and swept unit clean. We will accept cash, certified check, or money order. The units are located at 1577 Reed Road, Pennington, NJ 08534. (609) 737-8300


HVN, 1x, 6/15/18, 6/22/18 Fee: $31.62 Affidavit: $15.00