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Question: Please tell me Humans will be back for Season 4. It’s not only one of the best sci-fi shows on TV, but one of the best shows period. — Jessica Matt Roush: I wish I could tell you one way or the other, but that decision hasn’t been made yet. Ratings weren’t encouraging, nor […]


The weird, wild and puppet-filled world of children’s TV. By Kellie Freeze, ReMIND Magazine Kids have fallen in love with some of TV’s most wonderfully bizarre programming. Here we look at a few retro series that kids loved despite — and perhaps because of — their weirdness. Many people find clowns freaky, but I have […]

By Paul Hall To say something is impossible is a bit of a stretch. I’ve lived my life with the mantra that anything is possible. But we know that one team of agents is used to proving that mantra true in a number of films through the years, and they are at it again in […]

The most memorable times Hollywood and car culture have intersected. By Jeff Pfeiffer, ReMIND Magazine Automobiles have been capturing the country’s imagination since they were first featured in silent films about a century ago. So, if you’re all about watching cool cars, pulse-pounding chases or heart-stopping pileups — or maybe all of the above — […]

By Paul Hall Through the years, Hollywood has told us many stories of sticking up for the underdog. We are exposed to the storyline whether watching the latest superhero film or an award-winning drama on the Holocaust, and, yes, we have the storyline present in the new film The Equalizer 2 from director Antoine Fuqua. […]

By Lori Acken Callie Khouri’s music-laden nighttime soap opera Nashville was truly the little series that could. Could — and did — overcome cast dramas, cancellation and a new network home to bring more seasons to its devoted coterie of fans who call themselves “Nashies” and load their playlists with the series’ emotional songs to […]

The Parry Brothers and their neighbors turned a tiny Utah town into a bustling “Little Hollywood.” By Lori Acken, ReMIND Magazine They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Small wonder then that the entertainment industry found little Kanab, Utah, during the silent-film era. Nestled near the Arizona/Utah border in the midst of the […]

Question: Was Harry really canceled? The show got better and better and now I am so enjoying what I guess are reruns. —Marcia Matt Roush: Harry Connick, Jr.’s daytime talk show was canceled after its second season, another reminder of how hard it can be for even appealing personalities such as his to make it […]

The Cars! The Clothes! The Bear! The Bromance! By Lori Acken, ReMIND Magazine They patrolled the streets of fictional Bay City for just four seasons, but studly buddy cops David Starsky and Kenneth “Hutch” Hutchinson still bromanced their way into television history. The brainchild of TV visionary Aaron Spelling — who hoped to “hip” up […]

By Rick Gables Shark Week will bring shark n’ awe to its 30th anniversary eight-day event when Discovery Channel premieres Shark Week 2018 from Sunday, July 22 through July 29. This year’s event will feature over 19 hours of programming packed with an all-star lineup of celebrities. Nearly two dozen of the world’s most respected […]

Question: Can The Conners be any good? I watched the first few episodes of the Roseanne revival and enjoyed it. But I’m hard-pressed to think of another show where one person’s personality is so deeply embedded. In order to succeed, it seems The Conners will have to maintain the personality of the original show without […]

By Paul Hall Summer movie season is in full swing and we have really been salivating for a big action disaster film. Never fear, fans of beating the heat in your local multiplex, Skyscraper is here to give you an action fix. This movie starts fast and refuses to tap the brakes throughout. Will Sawyer […]

The beloved singing Cowboy led fans along decades of “Happy Trails.” By Jeff Pfeiffer, ReMIND Magazine “[I] was always kinda partial to Roy Rogers, actually. I really like those sequined shirts.” John McClane’s (Bruce Willis) reference to Roy Rogers (a reference that led, moments later, to McClane’s famous “Yippee-ki-yay” line) in the 1988 action classic […]

By Rick Gables Hallmark Channel will premiere its original movie Love on Safari Saturday, July 28, at 9 p.m. ET/PT as part of the network’s annual Summer Nights event. Starring Lacey Chabert, Jon Cor and Brittany Bristow, the movie revolves around a busy and reserved Chicago web designer, whose plan for a relaxing vacation in […]

Question: PLEASE tell me I am not going crazy. There is a character in the new Incredibles movie that looks exactly like Linda Hunt’s character Hetty Lange from NCIS: Los Angeles. What’s up? Or have I totally lost it? —Dee Matt Roush: You must be referring to the character of Edna Marie “E” Mode, the […]

By Rick Gables HBO will premiere its new documentary Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind on Monday, July 16 (Check your local listings). This is a funny, intimate and heartbreaking portrait of one of the world’s most beloved and inventive comedians. Told largely through Williams’ own words, the film celebrates what he brought to comedy […]

TV turned an aspiring Presbyterian minister into every child’s best friend. By Lori Acken, ReMIND Magazine Love Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood? You can thank a flying pie. Born in 1928 in Latrobe, Pa., Fred McFeely Rogers was a musically inclined college kid with his eye on a career in theology or diplomacy when he got his […]

By Rick Gables NBC will premiere season two of Trial & Error: Lady, Killer on Thursday, July 19, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Starring multi-talented Kristin Chenoweth as East Peck town’s grand dame, this critically applauded true-crime comedy promises a new whodunnit in the new season. In the spirit of true crime documentaries, this outrageous fish-out-of-water […]

By Paul Hall Dinosaurs walking the Earth. The original dream of John Hammond has been featured in four films to date. From Jurassic Park in 1993 to Jurassic World released in 2015, moviegoers have experienced the rise and fall of a couple of parks, witnessed dinosaurs running amok and been introduced to multiple individuals who […]

By Eric Kohanik, ReMIND Magazine Daytime soap operas often deliver shockers that evoke tears or cause jaws to drop. Here are eight of the most memorable (and shocking) moments: General Hospital: Luke And Laura Of all soap-opera super-couples, Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) and Laura Vining (Genie Francis) on ABC’s General Hospital were always top attention-getters. […]

Question: As if we don’t have enough news shows already on TV from early morning, afternoon and late at night, now they are canceling The Chew, which was a breath of fresh air. To replace it with another hour of ABC’s Good Morning America is absolutely ridiculous. Why not take The View off and put […]

Put some Polynesian paradise in your life. By Lori Acken, ReMIND Magazine Who doesn’t love the notion of a tropical escape? Seaside thatched huts, grass skirts for the ladies and flowery shirts for the gents, a potent umbrella drink in a quirky cup and those big-nosed, blockheaded statues. Admit it. You feel better already just […]

Question: The Middle delivered what was instantly one of the best series finales ever. I haven’t stopped crying yet, but it was all wonderful. It’s going to be super weird not to have The Middle on the fall schedule because watching it has become such a treasured habit. The only teeny tiny nitpick that I […]

By Paul Hall It’s been 14 years since we had a film featuring the first family of superheroes, but they are back and ready for action in the new animated film Incredibles 2 from director Brad Bird. Supers, as the superheroes are known, have been shoved underground. There is no place for them in society […]

Question: Could you please discuss the cancellation of The Last Man on Earth and the pickup of Last Man Standing? If it’s the type of comedy Fox wants to switch to, what does that mean for the future of Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers? I’ve tried, but I just can’t make sense of it. Standing […]

By Paul Hall It started in 1960 with Frank Sinatra and was rebooted in 2001 starring George Clooney. It was of course Ocean’s 11, with both Sinatra and Clooney in the lead role as Danny Ocean. Now, after two sequels with Clooney, the women are in charge, and a new heist is going down in […]

By Lori Acken, ReMIND Magazine What would Ian Fleming’s MI6 agent James Bond be without those memorable baddies to battle? Just a dapper guy with a tux, great gadgets, cool cars and Judi Dench’s M to keep him in line. Though 007 dodged dangers dealt by more than 100 sketchy souls throughout 26 films (and […]

Question: What is it with the same-old same-old ending for season finales? NCIS: New Orleans had Pride shot at the end. When are shows going to do something more creative???? (Hasn’t the age of “Who Shot J.R.?” gone by?) I also wanted to Cheer Blue Bloods, which DID have a terrific upbeat ending that was […]

Question: Designated Survivor was appointment TV for us—I say was, because we never watched it again after the winter hiatus. Seeing that it didn’t get renewed, what do you think was the primary cause of death? The long hiatus, the first lady’s death, or the constant churn behind the scenes? —Unsigned Matt Roush: My own […]

From her childhood stardom to her television roles, Elizabeth Taylor was a charismatic presence. By Eric Kohanik, ReMIND Magazine She began her career as a child actress during the 1940s. And, through the decades afterward, Elizabeth Taylor became renowned as an actress for the ages, bringing her charismatic presence — and her mesmerizing violet eyes […]

By Paul Hall Travel with me to a galaxy far, far away. To a time that was a long time ago. Expand the Star Wars universe as we get the origin story for the classic character Han Solo in the new film Solo: A Star Wars Story from director Ron Howard. Early in the Star […]

by Damian Holbrook Cheers to Chicago Fire for reigniting the Severide- Royce romance. Even though the fabulous Sarah Shahi (pictured) was only back for three episodes, her return as Taylor Kinney’s lawyer ex set off enough sparks to get us fired up about her upcoming NBC drama, Reverie. Cheers to black-ish for exploring the Johnsons’ […]

Question: I’m really going to miss The Americans big time. Any chance there will be a spinoff or continuation of the story with different characters? —Kenneth Matt Roush: I haven’t heard anything to suggest the franchise continuing or spinning off, and I tend to doubt it. The Americans is taking place at such a specific […]

By Lori Acken, ReMIND Magazine With his craggy-handsome face, East Coast swagger and a near four-decade career that has taken him from daytime drama to feature-film stardom to his current hit TV show (opposite Jennifer Lopez!), Ray Liotta is a genuine entertainment jack of all trades. But to lots of cinephiles, Liotta, 62, will always […]

By Rick Gables Two-time Emmy® Award winner and comedian Chris Hardwick is back to serve as the host to NBC’s fourth annual Red Nose Day Special on Thursday, May 24, starting at 8 p.m. ET/PT. To date, Red Nose Day has raised more than $100 million and has impacted the lives of over 8.3 million […]

The Star dishes on growing up in Chicago with the nuns next door, “Taxi,” and that amazing memory of hers. By Gerry Strauss, ReMIND Magazine She’s knocked our socks off onstage, stolen our hearts on screens of all sizes and taught us how to live happier, healthier lives with her own radio show. From her […]

By Paul Hall Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself to be amazed by incredible people in animated form, dinosaurs roaming the earth again, Avengers beyond those who were in theaters last week and yet another impossible mission. Yes, the 2018 iteration of our favorite time of the year, Summer Movie Season, is upon us, so let’s […]

Question: What is your opinion on NBC’s Good Girls? I’ve watched the first five episodes and I’m still on the fence. The three leading ladies have zero in common, with the exception of needing money desperately. Suburban moms working for criminals to earn cash for a sick child’s medical expenses, legal bills in a child […]

By Rick Gables Showtime will premiere its new five-part limited series Patrick Melrose on Saturday, May 12, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, starring Oscar® nominee and Emmy® winner Benedict Cumberbatch. Based on the acclaimed Patrick Melrose series of semi-autobiographical novels written by Edward St. Aubyn, the series is an acerbic and fearless look at the protagonist’s […]

By ReMIND Magazine Life in the suburbs! It doesn’t get any better, according to the sunny view often seen through television, movies and music. TV has often led the charge there. Here we list some of the best warmhearted, feel-good shows and movies, as well as a handful of music hits that captured life in […]

By Paul Hall The Marvel Universe of films expands by one with the release of Avengers: Infinity War. It’s a difficult film to review because, as all the pre-release advertising states, “Thanos demands your silence.” So how in the world am I supposed to tell you what this Avengers film is about? A historic battle […]

Question: I was looking forward to watching Roseanne again, but switched it off as soon as I realized they had a gawd-awful laugh track or live audience—same to me. Hope they x this. —Juide Matt Roush: Please don’t take offense when I tell you that I laughed out loud at this complaint. I know that […]

Question: I am enjoying the last season of The Americans, but I am having a difficult time with Paige becoming a spy for the Soviet Union. Did I miss something that explained it? —Sharon Matt Roush: This storyline has been brewing for quite some time, and the fact that Paige (Holly Taylor) is not a […]

By Paul Hall Second chances don’t come every day. A second piece of pie is tasty even if you know it’s not good for you. Second dates happen only when the first date succeeds (or, of course, if the girl or guy takes pity on the poor soul who is bound to mess everything up). […]

By Ryan A. Berenz, ReMIND Magazine He could deliver the lines “Thus saith the Lord God of Israel: ‘Let my people go!'” and “Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!” with equal gravitas. With an acting career spanning more than 100 films over 60 years, Charlton Heston could personify great historical figures […]

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