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Do you have a muffin top? Muffin?

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Do you have a muffin top? Muffin?

By Ken Freedman, DC of Freedman Chiropractic Center, LLC

Does your midsection have belly fat spilling over the top of your jeans? This is sometimes referred to as a “Muffin Top!” Being obese can cost a person the ability to move well and live independently. Obesity-related disorders include diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, depression, and certain cancers. The treatment of these conditions can deplete a person’s savings and take years off of their life. For the past three years, I have been helping hundreds of people lose weight fast and become healthier in the process. It’s called the Doctor Supervised ChiroTHIN Weight Loss Program, offered exclusively in my East Brunswick office.

While individual results vary, in only six weeks our clients typically lose 20-35 pounds and 14 to 20 inches! This program is safe and effective for children over 10, and nearly all adults, including diabetics, people with high blood pressure, and people on medication(s). What happens AFTER you reach your desired weight? The program includes easy-to-follow strategies for long term weight management AT NO EXTRA CHARGE! Why is the ChiroTHIN Weight Loss Program better than other programs? Quality, accountability, freedom, results, safety and affordability! You have the freedom to select real food you buy at the supermarket, prepared within the ChiroTHIN dietary guidelines. When followed as directed, ChiroTHIN Weight Loss Program clients achieve better results in a fraction of the time—and at a fraction of the cost–of other nationally advertised weight loss programs. There are no drugs, hormones, prepackaged foods, shakes or bars. The products included in the program are the finest money can buy, and can only be purchased from an authorized ChiroTHIN Weight Loss Program participating doctor. Weekly private visits with me check your progress, with personalized recommendations and coaching.

The Doctor Supervised ChiroTHIN Weight Loss Program is designed by doctors. The meals you make in the ChiroTHIN program are delicious, easy to prepare, and can also be enjoyed by the client’s entire family. You can eat out, because most restaurants have menu items that would fall within the ChiroTHIN guidelines. Many clients who suffered with long-standing conditions such as high blood pressure, arthritis, joint pain, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia also saw improvement in these conditions during the six-week program. While the ChiroThin program is not a treatment for medical conditions, conditions that are influenced by excess weight or inflammatory foods respond better when the body has reduced excess weight and the person eats meals that don’t contain inflammatory foods. It’s a common-sense approach that people can live with — literally! The most gratifying part of the ChiroTHIN program is sharing my clients’ joy as they look better and feel great!

To find out if the Doctor Supervised ChiroTHIN Weight Loss Program is right for you at no charge or obligation, call 732-254-6011 for a private consultation with me, Dr. Ken Freedman. My office, Freedman Chiropractic Center, LLC, has been serving Central New Jersey since 1979. Day, evening and weekend hours are available, by appointment. We are located at Brier Hill Court D-6, East Brunswick 08816. Visit


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