Vera Yarmoliouk has been named the 2019 RN Employee of the Year by the New Jersey Association of Directors of Nursing Administration for Long Term Care (NJADONA/LTC).

Eligibility for this award required that the candidate makes significant contributions in the long term care setting, demonstrates outstanding performance in nursing skills and leadership abilities, advocates for resident rights and quality care of the elderly, and has outstanding attendance, among other criteria.

Yarmoliouk was presented with her award on April 8 during the 2019 NJADONA Annual Convention in Atlantic City.

“Vera is such a good person, shows dedication and respect to her residents and co-workers, and upholds the standards of the nursing profession and of Reformed Church Home (RCH). She never misses a work day and is a wonderful advocate for her residents,” said Evangeline Villanueva, director of Nursing at RCH.

Yarmoliouk has been a member of the RCH staff since April 1994, when the community was located in Irvington, starting as a receptionist and then studying to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA). When RCH relocated in 1998 to the current 15-acre site on Route 18 in Old Bridge, she remained with the organization, encouraged by praise from her fellow staff members, residents, and their family members for her caring and respectful nature.

While employed as a CNA, Yarmoliouk continued her education until she earned her licensed practical nurse certification in 2009. Among her most noteworthy contributions, she voluntarily spearheaded staff training when electronic medical records were adopted at RCH in 2010 and became a preceptor for the evening shift. In 2018, following several years of study while simultaneously working full time, she received her registered nurse (RN) license.

“Throughout all of her challenges and various positions at the home, Vera has remained humble – she’s still the same Vera who knows and loves all the residents on her floor, is regarded as a friend to most residents and their families, and is the nurse other professionals turn to when they have questions,” said Kate Shepard, executive director of RCH. “We are so grateful she has been recognized for her many years of dedication and hard work.”


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