The Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MCSPCA) installed three members to its Executive Board .

The appointments were performed at the organization’s annual meeting that was held on July 10 at the residence of an active member. 

The newly elected Executive Board members are Sean F. Byrnes Esq. as the president, David A. Nussbaum as the treasurer and Frances Turner as the board’s secretary, according to a press release. 

“These particular individuals demonstrate a wide array of professional and non-profit experience. They represent all regions of Monmouth County and build a strong foundation for the Board of Trustees,” Lindsay Sanator, MCSPCA Development Marketing and Media Coordinator, said.

The MCSPCA Board of Trustees should include at least 12 members, according to a press release. Members are voted in based on their individual ability to participate effectively in fulfilling the responsibilities that were outlined by the Board of Trustees.

Sanator said, “The board appoints trustees to a three-year term, however, shorter terms as necessary.”

Sanator said the annual meetings that are held each year are set in place to introduce new members to the board.

“The Board of Trustees are responsible for strategic planning for the organization, fiduciary oversight and fundraising, determining policy guidelines and public policy advocacy and securing of financial support for the activities of the MCSPCA among others,” Sanator said.

The July 11 meeting included staff members from the Monmouth County SPCA, supporters, and elected officials from the county. Attendees included members of the Board of Chosen Freeholders, Board of Chosen Freeholders Director, Thomas A. Arnone, acted as the installing officer who will declare the following trustees: Dr. Jonathan Brodsky, Dr. Maria Cubina O’hara, Warren Goode, Andrew Grossman, Christine Giordano Hanlon, Esq., Robert A. Honecker, Jr., Esq., Shelley Todres Nussbaum, Laura Saker, Mariam Savaria, Kathleen Schatzmann and Thomas Shapero, according to a press release. 

According to the organization’s website, the mission of the MCSPCA “is to protect and advocate for all animals. We are dedicated to enforcing animal cruelty laws; providing a safe haven for homeless, abused and abandoned animals while they await adoption; reducing over-population through spay/neutering; and cultivating their humane treatment through education and advocacy services as a valuable community resource.”

Sanator said the newly elected members of the board will immediately assume and engage in their individual duties as active participants in the organization.



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