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Recycling robot M.C. Green ready for 21st Century

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Recycling robot M.C. Green ready for 21st Century

Middlesex County Freeholder Director Ronald G. Rios, left, watches students work on M.C. Green at the East Brunswick campus of Middlesex County Vo-Tech. Also pictured are class instructor Stephen Mercadante, second from right, and H. James Polos, executive director of the Middlesex County Improvement Authority.

M.C. Green, Middlesex County’s beloved recycling robot, has been rebooted and is ready to hit the streets to teach residents of the importance of protecting the environment and to promote responsible recycling practices throughout the county.

The rehabbed tech-centric robot was unveiled at the Middlesex County Vo-Tech School’s (MCVTS) East Brunswick campus the first week of June. The seven students involved in the project were joined by Freeholder Director Ronald G. Rios, Middlesex County Vocational and Technical Schools Superintendent Dianne Veilleux, and MCVTS- East Brunswick campus Principal Michael Cappiello, according to information provided by Middlesex County.

Originally introduced in 1997, M.C. Green is the third generation of Middlesex County Improvement Authority (MCIA) operated robots and has undergone a technological transformation. Previously known as M.C. Blue, for its recycling promotions, M.C. Green also has a new name to reflect its expanded capabilities to teach about environmental sustainability.  M.C. Green now features a touch screen which will allow for enhanced learning and internet-based games which can be played by multiple people at once through their smart phones, according to the statement.

“We are proud that this upgrade was done in-house by our talented students at the vo-tech school,” Rios said in the statement. “These new features allow for an entertaining, interactive learning experience that reiterates the importance of the environment for our next generation of recyclers.”

The entertaining recycling robot has reached more than 250,000 Middlesex residents since his inception, with its primary spectators being children, according to the statement.

“This program is available free of charge to schools, civic and business organizations, senior citizen clubs, and often appears at public events such as Celebrate Middlesex County. Programs can be tailored to the full spectrum of age groups, from preschoolers to seniors,” said H. James Polos, executive director of the Middlesex County Improvement Authority, in the statement.

The current model of M.C. Green was purchased from a Texas-based robotics company and is comprised of recycled aluminum and plastics. His wheel motors are also repurposed components, once used to operate windshield wipers.

M.C. Green’s pledge is to: Never Litter & Recycle Right, Be Aware of Your Consumption and Share Your Knowledge with Others,

For more information, or to book M.C. Green, call 609-655-5141 or email



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