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Sayreville awards Teachers of the Year

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Sayreville awards Teachers of the Year

SAYREVILLE – As the 2018-19 school year comes to a close, the Governor’s Educators of the Year in the Sayreville School District have been named for 2018-19.

The educators were recognized for their accomplishments by district administrators and Board of Education members at a board meeting on May 21.

At Emma Arleth Elementary School, the Governor’s Educator of the Year is Jessica Terebetski, who teaches second grade.

“When counting off the tallies, I was just so happy to see her name at the top of the list,” Principal Robert Preston said. “I knew it for a long time and was just happy to see it was recognized by staff. Well-respected by staff, students and parents. She’s a leader in the building, leads the grade-level team and just someone who can be trusted and relied upon. Anytime you need something, she’s our go-to person, from technology to curriculum. You ask it and she’s there for you.”

At Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School, the Governor’s Educator of the Year is Kelly Murphy, who teaches second grade.

“Something very suspicious happens in Mrs. Murphy’s class,” Principal Scott Nurnberger said. “Students who in past years have struggled academically or have had behavioral concerns get to her class and those struggles go away. Those concerns mostly go away. I know what’s going on. It’s her unbelievable knowledge of academic and behavioral interventions. It is her knowledge of her students, her commitment to individualized instruction and her love for her kids. Those ingredients make you the teacher of the year.”

At Harry S. Truman Elementary School, the Governor’s Educator of the Year is Caroline Whalen, who teaches physical education.

“I think it’s in her DNA in terms of what she does for us in regard to physical education,” Principal Timothy Byrne said. “I have a bad reputation with some people in terms of having different ideas, but Caroline sticks with me. When I said to her we wanted to put a climbing wall in, she said that sounds great. Caroline’s been a very motivating force in terms of that, in terms of looking at how we can take the idea of a climbing wall and to develop that in many different aspects of what our children do.

“There’s certain familiarity I have with Caroline and her family,” he continued. “Caroline’s a runner and we’ve done different races together. Caroline really does this job in terms of physical exercise to model for her children at Truman in a very real way.”

At Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, the Governor’s Educator of the Year is Jamie Allen, who teaches first grade.

“A fantastic woman,” Principal Carmen Davis said. “A woman who is one that doesn’t think about herself. She’s always thinking of others. She’s always thinking of the children. Always thinking of her grade team. And for that, we’re forever grateful.”

At Samsel Upper Elementary School, the Governor’s Educator of the Year is Patricia Aloisio, who teaches language arts and social studies.

“Over the years, I have watched Mrs. Aloisio commit herself to learning and implementing best practices to benefit her students,” Principal Stacey Coglianese said. “She truly is a lifelong learner. Her commitment goes beyond the classroom, as she has been the advisor of the SUES Kids Reading Cafe for the past five years, PTO liaison, co-leader of a faculty book club and discussion group, and member of the Faculty Advisory Committee.

“Her students are so fortunate to have such a devoted teacher,” Coglianese said. “And I am so lucky to work with her.”

At Sayreville Middle School, the Governor’s Educator of the Year is Nicole Lynch, who teaches special education.

“She’s an absolute go-getter, a key component to the Middle School Special Education Department, always tries to make sure that she differentiates her learning and teaching methods in her classroom,” Principal Richard Gluchowski said. “She utilizes the teacher-college writers workshop throughout her classes. She is a leader in school spirit and if you ever saw this individual in regards to school spirit, it’s a daily occurrence.

“She facilities our pep rallies, student-staff volleyball games, and is a coach of our cheerleading squads,” he said. “She is absolutely a fine individual, but moreover, an amazing teacher. And recently, she was appointed as our new student council advisor for the next school year. I can’t be happier to have Nicole Lynch.”

At Sayreville War Memorial High School, the Governor’s Educator of the Year is Christopher Howard Sayreville, who teaches history.

“There is so much to say about Chris,” Vice Principal Michael Salum said. “Chris and I began our careers together. We both were social studies teachers together and Chris truly exemplifies the role of teacher of the year. This is something that he’s been waiting for a very long time to accept. It’s also something that we’ve been waiting a long time to give to him.

“Chris is a part of everything,” Salum continued. “And when I say everything, I really do mean everything. Chris is an AP (advanced placement) U.S. History I teacher, he teaches the government elective course for upperclassmen. He’s the head sophomore advisor, he runs the Future Leaders of America club, he also runs the Model UN club. He is a fall athletic aide, a spring athletic aide, a winter athletic aide, he volunteers with the wrestling team, he volunteers with the soccer team. Chris will come up to us and say he has an idea for a club.

“I’m probably leaving some stuff out because he does it all. He will go above and beyond for anybody. He has a heart of gold.”


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