Nerdy. Scrawny. Weak. Impulsive. Ugly. Dirty. Poor. Trashy. Crazy. AJ Mendez Brooks has had all these words shouted at her and even spray painted on her property. “I have been pushed into these hurtful, close-minded boxes even before grammar school,” she said. So, why did the former WWE pro wrestler decide to use a “verbal […]

Tips to ask for down payment assistance By Marilyn Kennedy Melia CTW Features How do you ask a question when no one wants to talk about the subject? Often, it’s quite clumsily, without much effort at sparking an honest exchange. That’s what Dave Hardin, president of Hardin Financial Group in Troy, Michigan, has observed after […]

4 before-you-sell projects that pay for themselves By Alex Burnham CTW Features For buyers, the greatest joy of buying and moving into a new home is that new, nothing-needs-done feeling. But if a seller doesn’t have newness to offer but rather a bunch of faulty features, the buyers may be scarce. “Most people want to […]

Ask Our Broker With Peter G. Miller By Peter G. Miller CTW Features Question: I always see that mortgage borrowers are advised to “shop around.” I have now spoken with a number of lenders and their offers are pretty much identical. With the internet grinding down mortgage rates, is extensive shopping still important? Answer: Offers […]

6.5% Increase in value of Santa Claus’ North Pole home versus 2016. According to Zillow, Santa’s residence is valued at $710,559 – he added the listing to Zillow last year ( © CTW Features

Youngsters from Gallery of Dance, Freehold, participated in the 2017 Elite Holiday Spectacular in Disney World, Orlando, Fla. Gallery of Dance owner Karen Dolan said the invitation-only event was “a thrilling experience for the young Dazzler Dancers of Gallery of Dance.” Dancers who performed included Izzy Tonelli, Rachel Russell, Isabella Federico, Cailin Holley, Thea Ekizian, […]

Asking for down payment cash gets easier By Marilyn Kennedy Melia CTW Features Cash. We all want it, especially aspiring homebuyers trying to come up with a down payment. Oddly, however, etiquette prevents us from asking for money outright. But in recent years, websites – wedding registries and “crowd-funding” sites – enable buyers to make […]

Ask Our Broker With Peter G. Miller By Peter G. Miller CTW Features Question: We have been looking at smaller properties now that we are empty nesters. Our choices include individual houses and condo units. The condo units have more features, such as a pool and small gym, while you can get a bigger house […]

The YMCA of Metuchen, Edison, Woodbridge and South Amboy (MEWSA) has appointed George Dailey to the YMCA Board of Directors. Dailey has a long-standing relationship with the Y, serving as the chairman of the Audit Committee and member of the Finance Committee for several years. He is currently the first vice president and controller at […]

Amboy Bank has promoted three of its officers to new roles: Robert Beni, senior vice president of Commercial Lending; Tammara Feldman, vice president and Service Operations manager; and James Meicke, vice president of Commercial Lending. Beni joined Amboy Bank in 2009, and with more than 25 years lending experience, is responsible for commercial real estate […]

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