Solid waste transfer facility traffic study on hold until bridge repaired

HOWELL – A Monmouth County board is waiting for repairs to be completed to a bridge before its members consider the results of a traffic study that is being conducted in connection with the proposed construction of a solid waste transfer facility in Howell.

Resource Engineering has proposed establishing a solid waste transfer station at 34 Randolph Road, Howell, near the intersection of Route 547, a county road.

As previously described by the company, the transfer station would receive thousands of tons of cleanup debris and construction debris by truck each day. The debris would be sorted and then leave the transfer station for final disposal at other facilities.

Stuart A. Newman, the Monmouth County solid waste coordinator, said the Monmouth County Solid Waste Advisory Council (SWAC) is waiting on the results of the traffic study before taking action on the proposed transfer station.

In September, the Monmouth County Board of Freeholders awarded a contract to Boswell Engineering to perform the traffic study at a cost not to exceed $32,606, Newman said.

The awarding of the contract to Boswell Engineering came several weeks after a severe rain storm in August forced the closure of a bridge on Ramtown-Greenville Road.

Jim Herrman, Howell’s director of community development, told the Township Council in  September that the county’s traffic study would confirm or refute information that has been presented by a traffic professional who represents Resource Engineering.

On Oct. 25, the freeholders awarded an emergency $1.6 million contract to Lucas Construction Group to perform repairs to the bridge, designated as HL-59, on Ramtown-Greenville Road over Muddy Ford Brook in Howell.

The repairs to the bridge are expected to be completed by the end of January, according to the county.

Newman said the traffic study is on hold pending the completion of repairs to the bridge. He said Ramtown-Greenville Road is important to the traffic study.

“Therefore, SWAC is waiting to consider the findings of the traffic study,” he said.

Bridge HL-59 has remained closed since Aug. 13 due to road undermining and the need for repairs. The improvements entail demolition and removal of the existing road, restoration of the stream bed, stabilization of the north abutment, various timber repairs and other work, according to a resolution passed by the freeholders.


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