Hightstown High School’s 2016 Athletic Awards Night was held on Thursday, June 2. The following are award winners and scholarship recipients:

Female Athlete of the Year – Alexandra McDaid.

Male Athlete of the Year – Luis Reyes.

Fall Scholar Athletes – Anna Cox and Juan Uribe.

Winter Scholar Athletes – Cassandra Morris and Calvin McKay.

Spring Scholar Athletes – Sarah Woodill and Niranjan Shankar.

Hall of Fame Scholarship Recipients – Meghan Burd, Paul Kikta, Sam Nagy.

Bushelli Spirit & Integrity Award – Sarah Woodill.

The 3+3 Award - Athletes that played three sports and earned a 3.0 GPA – included: Michael Klein, Brynn Petterson, Michael Drews, Kyjahn Taylor, Makayla Wilson, Lisa Cohen, Joseph Frascella, Brian McGlew, Kira Power, Meghan Burd, Jamie Colavita, Paul Kikta, Tehya Linton, James McDaid, Cassandra Morris, Molly Walsh, Sarah Woodill.

Donald Murphy Memorial - Sam Nagy (baseball) donated by EWPAL.

George Warshany Memorial Award – Wagner Grajeda (wrestling) donated by EWPAL.

Herbert “Pops” Olsen Memorial Award – Allison Unger (swimming) donated by Swim Booster Club.

John Alexandersen Memorial Award Scholarship – Alessandra Auster & Christopher Contreras (soccer) donated by EWPAL.

The Naddelman-Karp Annual Baseball Award – Jacob Simon donated by Dr. & Mrs. Naddelman.

The Rose Fiore Memorial Award – Catherine Meneskie (softball) donated by EWPAL.

The Stephanie Dara Berman Memorial Award – Nala Thomas (field hockey) sponsored by Keith Berman and Mara & Jack Stahl.

Positive Impact Field Hockey Award – Jela Clark donated by Jeanne Heikes.

Virginia Mabee Damutz Memorial Award – Alexander Nazarov (swimming) donated by Mary Lee Damutz.

Joshua Medina Award – Cris Mogrovejo (wrestling) donated by Coach Mike Russo.

Dempsey Dixon Scholarship Award – Cassandra Morris (cross country/track) donated by Joanne Zapicchi.

The HHS Football Parents Scholarship – Michael Scotto, Ethan Finger, Sam Nagy, Ryan Conlon, donated by HHS School Football Parents Club.

Hightstown Rams Pop Warner Award – Jessica Havens & Ryan Conlon donated by Pop Warner.

Christophor Goodspeed Wrestling Award – Matt VanWhy donated by donated by Patricia Goodspeed Sereno.

EWPAL Lacrosse Award – Rebecca Infosino & Kieran Murphy donated by EWPAL.

The individual sports and their respective MVP Coaches’ Award winners included:

Wrestling - Johnny Andre, Luis Reyes, Austin Soriano.

Ice Hockey - Calvin McKay and Randall Sivak.

Girls Lacrosse - Julia Trost and Gabriella Fiore.

Boys Lacrosse - Ryan Daunt and Sean Haddock.

Girls Indoor Track - Natisha Simon and Cassandra Morris.

Boys Indoor Track - Makai and Andrew Ordonez.

Fall Cheerleading - Tehya Linton and Lilian Palmere.

Girls Tennis - Anusha Rangu and Sahithi Muthyala.

Boys Tennis - Abhishek Paramaraj and Anand Patel.

Girls Swim - Alexandra McDaid, Kira Power, Molly Walsh.

Boys Swim - David Kaljdzic and Paul Kikta.

Girls Golf - Shreya Kalyan and Zeal Patel.

Boys Golf - CJ Salstead, Mike Laustsen, Kenny Gerhart.

Softball - Holly Bridgman and Samantha Dolan.

Baseball - Jack Zosulis and Matt D’Ambrosia.

Winter Cheerleading - Bianca Grimsley and Katie Cohen.

Girls Basketball - Allyson Lewis and Elizabeth Weissenberger.

Boys Basketball - Okoye Taylor and Khalil Denzel Danzy.

Football - Ryan Conlon and Kevin Bibiano.

Girls Track - Natisha Simon, Sienna Kochis, Brynn Peterson.

Boys track - Chris Moore and James McDaid.

Girls Soccer - Cassandra Morris, Erica Martins, Anna Cox.

Boys Soccer - Luis Guzman and Dwight Neptune.

Girls Cross Country - Brynn Peterson and Nicole Charache.

Boys Cross Country - James McDaid, Brian McGlew, John Ely.

Field Hockey - Allie Gleich and Traci Mitchell. 


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