Pictured above are the qualifying students, accompanied by Principal Dennis M. Vinson, Jr.; Assistant Principal William Delaney; Advisors Kelsey Petrasek and Nicole Akromas.

Thirty-one members of the Hightstown High School DECA Chapter placed in the Top 11 in their event at the Blue Central Regional Competition held Jan. 5 at Kean University, securing them a spot at the NJ DECA State Competition in February.

At this competition hundreds of DECA members competed in a variety of categories ranging from fashion merchandising to accounting and sports and entertainment marketing.

Leading the Hightstown team were advisors Kelsey Petrasek and Nicole Akromas.

The students who will advance are:

Rickey Alford Jr.: Hotel Lodging Management Series, Qualifier.

Shiv Bhatt: Principles of Hospitality And Tourism, Qualifier.

Justin Bogen: Accounting Applications Series, Qualifier.

Joseph Bonacorda: Business Services Marketing, First Place Overall.

Hailey Cammarata: Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series, Qualifier.

Sree Chinta: Human Resources Management, First Place Overall.

Steven Cohen: Professional Selling, Qualifier.

Nikhil Cukkemane: Quick Serve Restaurant Management, Second Place Overall.

Shivam Desai: Business Finance, First Place Overall.

Kruthika Doreswamy: Business Finance Series, Qualifier.

Lydia Francoeur: Accounting Applications Series, Qualifier.

Ryan Harrington: Food Marketing, Third Place Overall.

Ali Husaini: Principles of Business Management & Administration, Second Place Overall.

Oslene Johnson: Apparel & Accessories Marketing, Second Place Overall.

Ian Jurkiewicz: Financial Consulting, Second Place Overall.

Manav Kaushik: Business Finance Series, Qualifier.

Elizabeth Leung: Apparel & Accessories Marketing Series, Qualifier.

Michael Lewis: Food Marketing Series, Qualifier.

Jesse Mann: Marketing Communications Series, Qualifier.

Christopher McGinley: Marketing Management Team Decision Making, First Place Overall.

Eshaan Mishra: Restaurant and Food Service Management, Qualifier.

Sudhanva Murthy: Accounting Applications Series, Qualifier.

Devashru Patel: Accounting Applications Series, Qualifier.

Isabella Pipitone: Principles of Hospitality and Tourism Series, Qualifier.

Ashley Quezada (not pictured): Accounting Applications Series, Qualifier.

Ananya Ramachandran: Marketing Communications, First Place Overall.

Jennifer Salinas: Principles of Marketing, Qualifier.

Vanshika Sharma: Retail Merchandising, Qualifier.

Jasman Singh: Principles of Finance, Qualifier.

John Titicula: Business Services Marketing Series, Qualifier.

Nicole Valliath: Marketing Management Team Decision Making, First Place Overall.


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