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Cool and inexpensive things to buy your fiance for her birthday

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Buying birthday presents isn’t an exact science - half of the time I really wish it was - but instead, you’re often thrown (last minute) into the deep end with little to no idea what to buy and where to buy it. 


This challenge becomes amplified when it’s your fiance you’re buying for and when it’s inexpensive gifts that you’re searching to find. Maybe you’ve blown a serious budget on the budget on the wedding, maybe you’ve agreed a $20 limit or maybe you’re just looking for a couple of stocking fillers to put the finishing touches together. 


Whatever your situation - don’t fret, don’t worry and don’t panic - we’ve got 10 of the very best cool and inexpensive things to buy your fiance for her birthday so you can keep that mind of yours intact for more important things - like football scores or what to have for dinner or whatever really...


Anyway - here’s the list - good luck and get ordering, quick! 

1. Custom star map 

There’s nothing quite as powerful as a personalised gift - no matter the occasion. It’s that customisation that makes it all the more special - the thought and preparation behind it - that shows you really care. 


Twinkle in Time is the maybe the ultimate personalised gift that captures what the stars looked like on any given day of your choosing, leaving you with a gorgeous framed printout of that special date. Whether it’s an anniversary of meeting, birthday or future wedding day - it’s sure to melt the heart of any fiance!

2. Vanity mirror 

Looking for something that she’ll actually use and be grateful for? Is there anything more useful (on a budget) than a touchup vanity mirror? (If you’re as clueless as I was - then this rhetorical question may be wasted - but worry not!)


A dimmable LED compact mirror is the way to go - small enough to fit into a bag but large enough to be useful. Trust me - your fiance will absolutely love it - it's the perfect accessory for the ever important wedding day!

3. Happy birthday hamper 

The devil lies in the detail and although gifts work well individually, in my book, the impact of a custom birthday hamper is 10x that of individual gifts. 


A simple woven basket, combined with a couple of gifts from our list, a selection of her favourite sweet treats, flowers and tissue paper is perfect for the wow factor. It’s a great way to make simple gifts mean the most - it just goes to show a little bit of effort goes a long way! 


It sure beats wrapping gifts in tin foil - that’s for sure.

4. Reusable water bottle 

Everyone should have a reusable water bottle, and what better bottle to buy than the very best of 2019!


The Kool 8 water bottle is the very best on the market, but it’s not just the Chicago based awards that think so, there’s plenty of glowing reviews, showing just how much a simple water bottle can change a life for the better!  


Coming in 5 colors, the stylish stainless steel water bottle not only gives you (or your fiance) access to water 24/7, but helps those less fortunate too with 20% of all profits going to those in need. Say goodbye to plastic, help protect our oceans, aid those in need and look great while doing it.


It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

5. Locally sourced bouquet of flowers 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the ever-increasing number of years that I’ve been on this planet, it’s that you cannot go wrong with a bouquet of flowers. 


Use them in conjunction with any other gift for an elongated ‘Awwww’ - you can thank me later. 

6. Protein coffee

If your fiance is a fitness and coffee and fiend, then look no further for the perfect birthday gift! 


Protein coffee, I know, it’s a thing, has to be the very top of the girlfriend's gift pile and there’s no better taste than the one I’ve personally tried out from Complete Nutrition. Perfect in the morning with breakfast, or just before the gym with her favourite multivitamins.


By the way, protein coffee benefits are all the rage right now. Check out this article which talks about why everyone should consider incorporating protein coffee in their diet, regardless of brand preference.


Unsure which flavours will hit the spot? Why not go for the bundle to get a taste of the trio!


7. Polaroid instant camera 

If you’re looking to start your new life as a married couple, chances are that you’re going to want to document your memories together as you embark on a new chapter. Using a Polaroid instant camera is maybe the most charming way to capture memories - and it’s inexpensive too. 


Great for any creative couples to document detail and create memories. 

8. Polaroid photo album 

You’re gonna need somewhere to keep those photos safe too, right? 


Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a great little adventure photo album. They say that getting married is the start of one of life's most exciting adventures - might as well plan accordingly!


Say hello to brownie points - you cute fiance you.

9. Custom t-shirt  

Looking for a fun and funny gift for under 20 bucks? 


What’s better than a custom t-shirt? Plaster your face all over it, label it with pet names or just about whatever else you can think of with Screen Print This. Just make sure that you get the right size, it’s supposed to be fun not soul destroying!  


Guaranteed to be a major smile generator. 

10. Honeymoon kit 

You might be looking forward to the wedding, but make sure you’re not forgetting about the honeymoon! 


Make sure that you’ve got all the essentials covered with this honeymoon kit from Pinch. Coming with everything you need to make sure that your honeymoon gets off on the right foot - you’ll be remembering: 


  • Headphone splitter 

  • Stain Remover 

  • Hand cleaner 

  • Adhesive bandages 

  • Phone/tablet stand 

  • Sewing kit 

  • Blister balm 

  • Electrolyte tablets 



All coming in a handy cute travel bag - thanks Pinch!


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