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How to Weather-strip Oakville Windows And Doors

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Before you start installing weather-stripping on your windows and doors, there are some considerations you must make to ensure the project succeeds. The first thing is the period of the year; you should weather-strip your doors and windows when there is sunshine, and the conditions are cool to allow your home to stay open.

As such, the best thing to apply weather-stripping on your doors and windows is during the spring. It allows homeowners to winterise their homes and make them energy effective, something that is absolutely needed during the winter and also the summer. Here are processes you should follow to weather-strip your Oakville windows and doors.

1.      Weather-stripping the Doors.

First, you need to buy the weather-stripping tools for your windows and doors in the nearby hardware. This kit comes with everything you might need to accomplish this type of job. Weather-stripping is common home improvement activity, and you are likely to get different styles in the market, such as wood, vinyl, and metal.

2.      Take the measurements for the Weather-stripping.

Your tool kit will come with two extensive pieces that you would use to measure the two side jambs and the third short piece that is used to measure the top jamb. So, commence by determining the door jamb length.

Ensure that your measurements are precise for the best weather-stripping. Next, cut the weather-stripping bits using a fine-toothed hacksaw to the right measurements you took.

3.      Now install the Weather-strip.

Take two nails and use them to secure your weather-strip pieces. This also warrants that the additional foam doesn’t get spoilt and creates a tight seal against the frame. Drive the nails to half way and leave them at that.

4.      Ensure Everything Fits Snuggly.

The process is almost coming to completion. Close and open the doors to know whether the pieces you have installed functions securely. If it doesn’t, you have to alter the weather-strip so you can open and close the door without any problem. When done, completely drive the nails in to hold the weather-strip pieces.

5.      Weather-stripping Your Oakville Windows.

Before you start weather-stripping your windows, you should first know the kind of window you have installed in your home. Different weather-stripping works better for different window designs. For instance-V-channel weather-seals work better for sliding windows and double hung windows.

6.      Wash the Windows.

The primary thing you ought to do whenever installing weather-stripping for Oakville windows and doors. Use soap and then rinse the dirt with clean water and give the units some time to dry. Take measurements of your units and trim the weather-strip slots to the right length that you need.

7.      Apply Weather-strips to The Windows.

The weather-stripping toolkits for your Oakville windows that you bought come with suitable adhesives, so what you are supposed to carry out is peel the back layer off and install the foam weather-strip on the lower part of the window sash.

Next, chop some slots of your V-channel, and trim them to an inch length longer compared to the height of the sash. Put your V-channel in between your jamb and the stiles. Press them firmly to make sure that the pieces are secured into the place. Nail the newly installed weather-strips to the jamb, and then test the sash movements and see whether there is anywhere it is touching the nails.

Lastly, lift the sash some inches (3-4) and then use a V-channel which pairs well with the window sash width and install it into rear side of the sash. When you open the door, it must be facing up, so it creates a close-fitting seal when you close the door.

If you are installing weather-stripping in casement Oakville windows, you should have foam tape in order make the best weather-stripping. As you do for the double and sliding windows, you should start by cleaning your casement windows. Measure and chop the foam adhesive tape to the required size that fits the top, bottom and sides of windows stops. Then insert the pieces and press the adhesive to make the weather-stripping fit snuggly.

8.      Oakville Windows And Doors Replacement.

One main reason why you are paying high energy bills is that your Oakville windows and doors are not energy efficient. If you want to eliminate these problems, consider new replacements for your doors and windows.




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