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7 Quick Ways to Complete your Assignment Without Burning the Midnight Oil

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7 Quick Ways to Complete your Assignment Without Burning the Midnight Oil

Completing your assignments can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. You have to stay focused, organized and motivated to complete your assignments without burning the midnight oil. With proper planning, you can complete your writing tasks on time and move onto exciting activities. Fortunately, unique custom essay service is available for your guidance and support. You can consult professionals about editing and proofreading your assignments. Here are 7 quick ways to complete your assignment without burning the midnight oil.

1.    Choose Well-lit, Comfortable Environment for Work

Choose a comfortable, padded chair to do your work. Avoid doing writing tasks on your bed or floor because these areas can increase distraction. These areas can make you feel sleepy. Moreover, homework in bed may increase your discomfort and sleeplessness. As a result, you will experience a decline in your productivity. Choose a well-lit area for your assignments to decrease strain on your eyes.

2.    Eliminate Distractions

If you want to complete your task as soon as possible, you have to isolate yourself from electronics and nonessential people. Log off your computer, turn off a cell phone, television and close the windows and doors. Inform your friends and family members that you are doing important work. You don’t need any disturbance or noise. It will allow them to respect your privacy.

Before using the computer for assignments, you have to download website-blocking apps to maintain your focus. Some useful extensions and apps are available to block unnecessary websites. With their assistance, you can finish your assignment at the right time.

3.    Set Your Timer

Before starting your assignment, you have to start your timer and set your desired time in which you want to complete your work. Keep an eye on the timer to maintain a good writing flow. It will help you to find out if you are spending excessive time on a specific subject. A timer can increase your focus to complete your task at the right time.

Before starting your work, you have to plan and organize everything. Arrange your writing utensils, papers, books, and necessary material to avoid wasting your precious time.

4.    Keep Moving to Maintain Speed

Slowing down after each snag may increase disturbance. It can restrict you from completing your assignment at the right time. To complete your task as soon as possible, you are advised to keep moving instead of rectifying your mistakes. After completing your assignment, you can come back and correct problematic areas. In case of a big problem, you should solve it as soon as possible because it can send you off the track.

5.    Pause & Review

While pushing forward consistently, you may feel like spinning wheels. To avoid unnecessary straying, you should take a break and review your completed work. Revisiting may help you to recall your intentions and rectify your flaws.

Focusing for several hours without a break can decrease your speed. By taking a small break, you can give a quick rest to your body and mind. After every hour, take a break for 5 minutes to walk around and stretch.

6.    Set Micro Goals

You can break your writing assignment into small parts. Create a checklist for every goal to complete every critical component. Set clear timeframes for every part and start your work. With micro goals, you can simplify your long projects. Micro goals are essential for your professional and personal success. After completing each goal, you will experience a sense of accomplishment. It is an excellent way to increase your motivation for the successful completion of the assignment.  

7.    Avoid Self-Judgement

If you try to guess yourself at every step, it can increase your delays and anxiety. You have to stop self-judgment to finish your assignment on time. Feel free to try brainstorming or stream-of-consciousness writing to loosen jammed gears. Express your solutions and ideas without any judgment. After finishing your work, you can go back and evaluate your ideas for fine-tuning.

After completing your task, you have to reward yourself. A short break, your favorite dessert or a short movie can freshen up your mind. Keep your eyes on the reward to avoid procrastination.


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