This is to make the public aware of a law passed in New Jersey last August regarding leaving pets outside in extreme temperatures.

It is against state law to leave pets outside in temperatures below 32 degrees or above 90 degrees for more than 30 minutes without proper shelter. “Proper shelter” in cold weather is defined in this statute as “…an enclosed structure that has (a) a solid roof, solid walls with a single opening no larger than necessary to allow the dog, domestic companion animal, or service animal to comfortably enter and exit the structure, and a floor that is not the ground, and (b) insulation, dry bedding, and a windbreak at the entrance that are sufficient to keep the dog, domestic companion animal, or service animal dry and maintain the animal’s normal body temperature.” The full statute can be viewed at this link:

Recent news reports have unfortunately included stories of dogs and cats freezing to death because they were left outside in the extreme cold that hit our area.

If you see a pet that is being left outside with no shelter or inadequate shelter for longer than 30 minutes, do the following: note the date, address, and duration of time the animal is outside plus any details about the animal that you are able to discern, and call your local law enforcement and the New Jersey SPCA.
The NJSPCA number is 800-582-5979.
Loretta Windas

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