Resident encourages support for GOP candidates

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

Under the leadership of Gov. Phil Murphy, the quality of life in New Jersey has accelerated full speed in decline. Many people are leaving this state due to the high property taxes.

Gov. Murphy’s approach to getting what he wants is to tax more and spend more. There is no end in sight, plus cutting spending never enters his mind.

It was upsetting to see our governor approve giving people here illegally college financial aid and we are forced to pay the bill. Does he understand many of us are struggling to help pay for our own kid’s college?

Gov. Murphy is showing a lack of safety concern for us New Jerseyans as he hopes to turn New Jersey into a sanctuary state for illegal aliens. This will attract more criminals to this state and will make New Jersey a more dangerous state to live in. We can clearly see who Gov. Murphy is working for and who will benefit from his policies.

It is reckless for this governor to want to legalize marijuana, which is known as a gateway drug. Our society is already struggling to cope with the alcohol addiction which has led to the destruction of so many families and countless DWI deaths. When you add marijuana legalization to the mix it will increase the devastation and deaths of DUI.

The children will have more exposure and access to this drug. They may think drugs are OK since marijuana is legal, many will start using and even at younger ages. We need to push back and vote against Democrats who support Gov. Murphy’s agenda of illegal aliens’ college financial aid, sanctuary state, out of control increases in taxes and spending, and marijuana legalization.

Join me on Election Day and vote against the liberal Murphy agenda and Democratic politicians who don’t have our citizens’ best interests and vote Republican all the way on Nov. 6.

Maria Flores



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