Resident requests placement of question on Nov. ballot

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

Because New Jersey has the highest property tax in the nation, I am requesting every municipal and county governing body to place the following non-binding referendum question “Is taxation a form of legal thievery?” on the ballot before the deadline of Aug. 17.

This question will bring out every registered voter to the ballot box and generate the kind of vital discussion needed for a dramatic change of course. Simply put, because we are the property of the Creator, and not of the state, taxation is legal thievery.

The alternative to forced cooperation (socialism) in the form of taxation is voluntary cooperation (co-operativism) predicated on the law of equal return (payment for services rendered and accepted).

Co-operativism is not volunteerism, whereby you act without expecting anything in return. For the government services you want, you supply your labor, or goods, or money in cooperation with others seeking the same services in the context of the law of equal return.

On July 11, I asked my own municipal governing body to move on the ballot question. On July 12, I asked my own county governing body to act on the question. They have until Aug. 17 to place the question on the November ballot. It is now time for every citizen to do the same with respect to their own municipal and county governing bodies.

Ray Kalainikas



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