I want to thank News Transcript Managing Editor Mark Rosman and reporters Matt Sockol and Claire Celano for their assistance during my two terms as a councilman in Freehold

Borough. In this age of attacks on the fifth estate, I can attest to their

commitment to honest and accurate reporting.

If I submitted something to the newspaper, I was sure I would get a follow-up

phone call to ask additional questions.

On several occasions I know I tried their patience with last-minute submissions of

news releases which I desperately wanted to have published in the next edition.

I doubt we could have had the attendance at many events without their

assistance. I thank them for keeping our citizens informed about the work of the

local governing body.

I plan to keep informed when I move to Oregon (late spring) through reading the

News Transcript online.

Ron Griffiths

Freehold Borough


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