The soul felt its worth this season as East Brunswick Hadassah’s volunteers worked with members, friends of the community, Alpha Delta Kappa sisters and East Brunswick High School honor students to raise money for medical research.

All volunteers wrapped gifts at the Brunswick Square Mall in East Brunswick. Fran Katz chaired the event and coordinated teams of volunteers who worked every hour the mall was open from Dec. 2-24. Hadassah wishes to thank the entire community for their generous donations. Many people brought packages purchased on the internet or in other stores for us to wrap. Local businesses supported Hadassah by recommending that their customers get gift wrapping from our booth.

Hadassah’s robust medical research and disaster relief is shared with the world.  Hadassah’s two hospitals treat all who come to its doors regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. Whenever there is an international disaster or terrorist attack, Israel is usually the first to respond. After December’s tsunami ravaged Indonesia, Israel’s teams brought immediate relief. When the U.S. Embassy was attacked in Kenya, Israel’s fully equipped medical teams were on the ground in two hours. Hadassah was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.

The Hadassah Medical Organization remains on the leading edge of medical research.  Groundbreaking gains were made in breast cancer, colon cancer, testicular cancer, ALS, multiple sclerosis, AIDS and diabetes. It discovered the BRCA I and BRCA II genetic mutation in its pioneering stem cell research, which has saved countless lives.

East Brunswick Hadassah distributed information on cancer awareness to their customers. One customer reported to the volunteers that this literature alerted her to the benefits of self examination. Because of that, she discovered a lump in her breast and was able to be successfully treated.

Our East Brunswick chapter of Hadassah is proud of its many fundraisers, which have contributed to the Hadassah Medical Organization’s advanced treatments and cures.

Hadassah will raise money for medical research, again, at its Valentine’s Day Gift Wrap in February and Mother’s Day Gift Wrap in May. For the latest news of Hadassah events, please “Like” us on Facebook; type in the search box “East Brunswick Hadassah.” Check out our website at

To our members and friends in the community, we thank you all for your good will and generous support.

Christine Sullivan

Co-Chair, Publicity

East Brunswick Hadassah

The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc.




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