Resident says high taxes to blame for ‘no’ vote on school referendum in Monroe

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

The reason the residents of Monroe voted down another new school is that we are sick of paying ridiculously high property taxes. Not only do residents not want higher taxes, they want them to be lowered. We all want our kids to have great schools, but this is the only power we have to send a message to local politicians to stop spending our money.

Townships all over the country survive on much less. Why can’t we? We need to cut everywhere we can. When you hear local politicians saying Monroe has one of the lowest property taxes in Middlesex County, it’s like saying you have one of the best seats on the Titanic. We are among the highest taxed people in the nation.

Stop allowing every tree in Monroe to be knocked down for yet another new neighborhood. Our schools are already overcrowded. We have another town that attends our schools, and we have illegal aliens, whose parents don’t pay taxes towards their education. It’s too much.

The same party has been in power in Monroe for way too long. Another way to send a clear message that we want lower taxes is to vote the Democrats out.

Tom Scott




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