Reader supports Batko for re-election to Sayreville school board
Since the change of the Board of Education’s (BOE) election to November, it is difficult to locate the candidates for the BOE on the ballot. Voters should realize that education is the majority of their tax dollars and should elect people who will oversee them prudently and spend our money for the students first and foremost. A good school system keeps your property values in check and is good for the overall community. I have been attending board meetings for over 25 years even though I no longer have children in the Sayreville schools.
This year, I am supporting Phyllis Batko for re-election to the Sayreville BOE. She has the students, parents, teachers, staff and taxpayers in mind every time she votes and has continually voted against spending that was not in the best interest of the students and taxpayers. She listens to the public and parents and takes into account their opinions at the board meetings. Phyllis has continually supported the students and voted against high administrative raises and unnecessary administrative job creation even though we no longer vote on the budget.
Please join me in re-electing Phyllis Batko to the BOE. She cares about our students and our community.
Barbara Kilcomons

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