Richard Talks Real Estate: SHELVING DISCUSSION

If 2018 turns out to be anything like 2017, home sellers are in for a good year. As home was sold at their fastest pace ever in 2017, the typical U.S. home was on the market in 2017 for 81 days. Bear in mind that closings can take 4-6 weeks to accomplish, which means the typical home was on the market for about 30 days before going under contract. The reason for the fast pace of home sales has very much to do with the fact that inventories are very low and are likely to continue to remain low for forseeable future. This means that homeowners are being presented with their best selling opportunities in recent years.

By historical standards, today’s 30-year mortgage rates are still low, hovering just above 4%. Experts agree mortgage credit will remain relatively affordable for most of the year. This means the getting’s still good for buyers and sellers. Home prices continue to rise, which translates to more money in your pocket when you sell. For information about our listings, please call my office at 732-297-1100, X114. As a RE/MAX Diamond, REALTORS® Sales Associate, I can provide you with the resources you need to make the home selling process simpler. My office is located at 3430 Route 27 in Kendall Park.

HINT: As a general matter, homes at the low and middle levels of the price scale are quite a bit scarcer than homes at the higher end, favoring sellers who have outgrown their first homes and wold like to relocate to larger homes.


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