Richard A. Keri

If you are a seller with an older

home in a neighborhood with newer

homes for sale, you need to take steps

to convince potential buyers that your

property compares favorably. Doing so

involves stressing that you have made a

considerable investment in lansdcaping,

a pool, decks, patios, porches & other

amenities that would cost thousands

of dollars to add to a new home. Many

resale homes are also located much

closer to schools, shopping, restaurants

& public transportation than homes

in newer developments. Buyers with a

preference for well-situated locations

in established neighborhoods with a

developed sense of community are

often drawn to older homes more than

they are to new homes that they have

yet to create their character so fully.

Architectural details often make an

older home attractive to buyers. They

should be in the best of condition, well

painted, clear to the eye & fastened

strongly in place as required. These

feature pieces will go a long way to

selling your old house. Does the roof

need new tiles or new shingles? Buyers

dread the thought of roof problems, especially

in an older home, so keep the

roof well maintained.

For more information,

please call my office at 732-297-

1100 ext 114. As a REMAX Diamond,

REALTORS® Sales Associate, I can

provide you with the resources you

need to make the home selling process

simpler. My office is located at

3430 Route 27 in Kendall Park.

HINT: According to Remodeling magazine’s

“2018 Cost vs. Value” report

replacing an old front door with a

newer steel entry door returns 91 cents

on the dollar.


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