Richard A. Keri

Any real estate professional will tell sellers the most important determination they will make is pricing their property correctly. The “Goldilocks formula” dictates that a home be priced neither too high to discourage buyers from even considering the house, nor so low that the property is undervalued. One factor to consider when setting a “just right” price is pricing a property beneath the key threshold. The majority of buyers set limits on the prices of the homes they will consider & look only at homes within a certain price range. If a seller values his or her home at $400,000, then setting the asking price at $399,000 is likely to draw more buyer interest than $405,000 would..

I have been helping sellers set the right price for their properties for many years. With my training, knowledge & experience, I am well aware of the many factors involved in determining a home’s price in order to attract the highest number of qualified buyers. Can I help you?? Call my office at 3430 Route 27 in Kendall Park, 732-297-1100 ext 114 to start the process that will give you the results you are looking for. As a RE/MAX Diamond REALTORS® Sales Associate, I can provide you with the resources you need to make the home selling process simpler.

HINT: While a listing price that is slightly low might generate buyer interest & potentially lead to a bidding match, a listing price that is too high may lead to so little buyer interest that a price reduction becomes necessary.

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