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By Marilyn Weich Susan Fischer’s recent letter to the editor, “Teacher Supports Court’s Union Dues Ruling,” referred to her 30-year teaching career and her ongoing passion for “right-to-work” legislation. Right-to-work (anti-union) legislation for public sector workers already existed in 27 states.  In right-to-work states, average salaries are lower, most of their teachers are not covered by […]

As a teacher who supports his union, I just had to take a moment to respond to the misleading and misinformed remarks by Susan Fischer which were published in a letter to the editor on Aug. 29. She wrote that she could not understand why she had to pay her 85 percent fair share of […]

I have been a public school teacher for the past 30 years who has rallied for right to work legislation for the better part of my career. For those unfamiliar with the term, right to work means that a public employee cannot be compelled to join the union – state, local or national – or […]