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PRINCETON: Depth lifts Bluefish to PASDA title

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Mike Uchrin has two basic goals in mind when it comes to coaching the Community Park Bluefish.

First and foremost, the CP head coach wants his swimmers to have fun for the time they are together in summer swimming. And as an added bonus, Uchrin would like to see the team be successful. As the PASDA season drew to a close last week, Uchrin could confidently say his team had achieved both of those goals.

After completing an undefeated regular season with a perfect 5-0 mark, the Bluefish added the PASDA Division 1 championship to its list of accomplishments this summer as it cruised to the championship in its own pool during the meet that was held July 24-25.

“It was a lot of fun to see the kids go out like that after working so hard for a couple months and getting that second home win for champs in a row,” said Uchrin, whose team defended the title it had won a year ago.

CP finished first in Division 1 with 3,746 points, while Lawrenceville Swimming Association finished second with 2,215.50 points. Flemington-Raritan Swim Club was third, followed by Trenton Country Club, Ben Franklin and the West Windsor Whalers.

Hopewell Valley Tennis captured the Division 2 title with 2,084.5 points, while Country Pool Club was second with 1,834.5 points. Nassau Swim Club finished third, followed by Hamilton Hurricanes, Hopewell Valley Golf and Penn Brook Swim Club. Twin Rivers won the Division 3 title with 1,908.5 points, followed by Cherry Valley, HealthQuest and Ravine.

Community Park used its depth and a strong showing from swimmers across all the age groups to capture the title. The Bluefish had a pair of swimmers - Zoe Bitterman and Sabine Ristad - capture MVP honors in the age group. But it was the overall depth of the team that made the biggest impact in the win.

“One of the strengths of our team is we have such great presence in all of the age groups,” Uchrin said. “We had balance from the 6-and-unders all the way through to a 12-year veteran of Bluefish swimming that we had at this meet. One of our coaches, Lydia Buckley, has been with the team since she was a 6-and-under. We threw her in since it was her last meet. I brought her on board to coach. She knows the system and the focus we have on having kids and helping the kids become better swimmers.”

In a meet filled with highlights for the Bluefish, the biggest of all was the performance of the girls 12-and-under 200 freestyle relay team, which came within .01 of a longstanding PASDA meet record. Alexandra Cherry, Katie DiVenti, Abby Walden and Emily Smith finished in 1:51.89 to just miss the event record.

“Those four girls, all season they have been fantastic for us,” Uchrin said. “They just missed a 39-year-old record when they won that event. It was a record we thought they might be able to get and they came very close.

“We had strong swims all across the board in every age group. If you look at the relays we has kids consistently in relays that were third, fourth or fifth in all different age groups. We some some standout swims.”

Uchrin couldn’t be any happier with the type of team the Bluefish have become. They have a mix of established year-round swimmers as well as swimmers who just enjoy being a part of the summer swim experience. It makes for the perfect mix.

“I think one of our strengths is we have a great mix of kids that swim year round and are serious about the sport and kids that this is the first time they are swimming,” Uchrin said. “This is a place they come together and can be with their friends and being able to swim together. That is one of the greatest strengths, to be able to offer that and also help the kids to become better swimmers.”

The Bluefish hosted the PASDA champs for the second straight year. It was an event that doesn’t happen without plenty of behind the scenes support.

“Across the recreation department it is a huge undertaking,” Uchrin said. “To get the facility ready and to work out the parking, which is a huge undertaking. You need to make sure everyone is able to park. There are a lot of people who have to work above and beyond to make it happen. It is great for the kids. I appreciate the effort and so do the kids. We also have to give great thanks to the parents, volunteers, and everyone in the rec department.

“Another one of our strengths is we have support from the community and the facility to get the kids enough time in the water. We have a large coaching staff and we can work one on one with kids and see such growth. We have so much fun doing it. This is where a lot of kids come to foster a love for the sport and have a place to have fun and continue to get better.”


Team Standings: 1. Community Park 3,746; 2. Lawrence Swimming Association 2,215.5; 3. Flemington-Raritan 2,017.5; 4. Trenton Country Club 1,321; 5. Ben Franklin 1,320 ; 6. West Windsor Whalers 1,138.

Girls 8-and-under medley relay: 1. Community Park A, (Jacqueline Miner, Sierra Tangen, Zoe Bitterman, Caden Martin) 1:31.32; 2. Trenton Country Club A; 3. Lawrence A.

Girls 10-and-under medley relay: 1. Community Park A, (Charlotte Quick, Luna Bar-Cohen, Sabine Ristad, Audrey Wilhelm) 1:12.33; 2. Trenton Country Club A; 3. Lawrence A.

Girls 12-and-under medley relay: 1. Lawrence A, (Ellie Schinsky, Samantha Gunton, Eliza Meth, Maddy Laws) 2:10.16; 2. Community Park A; 3. Trenton Country Club A.

Girls 14-and-under medley relay: 1. Flemington A, (Amelia Aversano, Kendall Michaels, Brooke Martin, Sophie Peterson) 2:05.94; 2. Lawrence A; 3. Community Park A.

Girls 18-and-under medley relay: 1. Lawrence A, (Alexandra Bullen-Smith, Nina Fitzgerald, Angelina Franceschini, Anya Fitzgerald) 1:56.83; 2. Trenton Country Club A; 3. Community Park A.

Boys 8-and-under medley relay: 1. Community Park B (Brian Krol, Milan Molina, Matthew Krol, Harvey Smith), 1:41.15; 2. Community Park A; 3. Trenton Country Club A.

Boys 10-and-under medley relay: 1. Community Park A, (Arthur Solopenkov, Kent Hong, Nathaniel Pruszinski, David Brophy) 1:16.19; 2. West Windsor A; 3. Flemington A.

Boys 12-and-under medley relay: 1. Community Park A , (Paul Lacava, Matthew Baglio, Julian Velazquez, Luke Cura) 2:21.40; 2. Trenton Country Club A; 3. Ben Franklin A.

Boys 14-and-under medley relay: 1. Lawrence A, (Andrew Kite, Matthew Laws, Jake Ramos, Will Yuchmow) 2:03.31; 2. Flemington B; 3. Flemington C.

Boys 18-and-under medley relay: 1. Ben Franklin A, (Kyle Jorgensen, Gabe Gutierrez, James Keane, Ryan Morris) 1:48.41; 2. Community Park A; 3. Flemington A.

Girls 6-and-under 25 free: 1. Julianna Yanovsky (WW), 22.66, 2. Georgia Glanton (CP); 3. Livna Lubin (WW); 4. Mia Bitterman (CP); 5. Lauren Tomson (FR); 6. Sydney Capell (BF).

Girls 6-and-under 25 back: 1. Julianna Yanovsky (WW), 28.10, 2. Georgia Glanton (CP) 3. Livna Lubin (WW); 4. Mia Bitterman (CP); 5. Alyvia Tuason (BF); 6. Finley Madden (TCC).

Girls 8-and-under 25 free: 1. Caden Martin (CP) 16.29; 2. Oliva Lee (TCC); 3. Quinn Gallagher (BF); 4. Sam Peterson (FR); 5. Cara Perez (WW); 6. Helen Chen (WW).

Girls 8-and-under 25 back: 1. Helen Chen (WW), 20.58; 2. Caden Martin (CP); 3. Cara Perez (WW); 4. Ava Katz (WW); 5. Olivia Lee (TCC); 6. Sierra Tangen (CP).

Girls 8-and-under 25 breast: 1. Quinn Gallagher (BF), 25.88; 2. Leary Connaughton (WW); 3. Maddie Brennan (WW); 4. Avery Collins (LSA); 5. Isabelle Meth (LSA); 6. Riley Claffey (TCC).

Girls 8-and-under 25 fly: 1. Zoe Bitterman (CP), 18.94; 2. Olivia Lee (TCC); 3. Maddy Brennan (WW); 4. Ava Katz (WW); 5. Yasna Shahriarian (LSA); 6. Sierra Tangen (CP).

Girls 8-and-under 100 IM: 1. Zoe Bitterman(CP), 1:35.10; 2. Caden Martin (CP); 3. Helen Chen (WW); 4. Maddy Brennan (WW); 5. Isabelle Meth (LSA); 6. Phoebe Roth (CP).

Girls 10-and-under 25 free: 1. Audrey Wilhelm (CP) 14.83; 2. Grace Steinmeier (TCC); 3. Paige Van Hise (BF); 4. Ava Burns (TCC); 5. Luna Bar-Cohen (CP); 6. Charlotte Quick (CP).

Girls 10-and-under 25 back: 1. Sabine Ristad (CP), 17.95; 2. Olivia Kaczynska (LSA), 3. Grace Steinmeier (TCC); 4. Molly Romaine (BF); 5. Charley Korsos (LSA); 6. Emily Walden (CP).

Girls 10-and-under 25 breast: 1. Sabine Ristad (CP), 18.69; 2. Luna Bar-Cohen (CP); 3. Audrey Wilhelm (CP); 4. Alexis Ramos (LSA); 5. Aashna Singh (WW); 6. Ava Burns (TCC).

Girls 10-and-under fly: 1. Sabine Ristad(CP), 16:40; 2. Paige Van Hise (BF), 3. Ava Burns (TCC); 4. Aashna Singh (WW); 5. Riley Bacinski (FR); 6. Charley Korsos (LSA).

Girls 10-and-under 100 IM: 1. Grace Steinmeier (TCC), 1:26.23; 2. Riley Bacinski (FR); 3. Charlotte Quick(CP); 4. Scarlett Angelone (CP); 5. Olivia Kaczynska (LSA); 6. Alexis Ramos (LSA).

Girls 12-and-under 50 free: 1. Ellie Schinsky (LSA), 26.87; 2. Alexandra Cherry (CP); 3. Eliza Meth (LSA); 4. Emily Smith (CP); 5. Abby Walden (CP); 6.  Ana Brandbergh (TCC).

Girls 12-and-under 50 back: 1. Ellie Schinsky (LSA), 32.25; 2 Ana Brandbergh (TCC), 3. Kyleigh Tangen (CP); 4 Stephanie Teipel (FR); 5. Hailey Adamsky (LSA); 6. Jessica Everman (LSA).

Girls 12-and-under 50 breast: 1. Eliza Meth (LSA), 35.59; 2. Samantha Gunton (LSA) 3. Kate Steinmeier (TCC); 4. Courtney Weber (CP); 5. Ava Canonica (FR); 6. Lauren Donnelly (WW).

Girls 12-and-under 50 fly: 1. Ellie Schinsky (LSA), 28.76; 2. Alexandra Cherry (CP), 3. Abby Walden (CP); 4. Veronica Peterson (FR); 5. Emily Smith (CP); 6. Katie DiVenti (CP).

Girls 12-and-under 100 IM: 1. Eliza Meth (LSA), 1:09.14; 2. Ana Brandbergh (TCC), 3. Samantha Gunton (LSA); 4. Abby Walden (CP); 5. Kate Steinmeier (TCC); 6. Katie DiVenti (CP).

Girls 14-and-under 50 free: 1. Susannah Tuder(CP), 27.22, 2. Juliette Peel (TCC), 3. Lilly Hartmann (LSA); 4. Maya Hanewald (LSA); 5. Ella Caddeau (CP); 6. Brooke Martin (FR).

Girls 14-and-under 50 back: 1. Ellie Brandbergh (TCC), 28.813; 2. Amelia Aversano (FR); 3. Ella Caddeau (CP); 4. Lilly Hartmann (LSA); 5. Sophia Fitzgerald (LSA); 6. Leah Chudy (FR).

Girls 14-and-under 50 breast: 1. Kendall Michaels (FR), 34.22; 2. Shriya Karthikvatsan (LSA), 3. Susannah Tuder (CP); 4. Maya Hanewald (LSA); 5. Miami Celetana (BF); 6. Rebecca Legato (CP).

Girls 14-and-under 50 fly: 1. Ellie Brandbergh (TCC), 27.15; 2. Ella Caddeau (CP); 3. Kendall Michaels (FR); 4. Juliette Peel (TCC); 5. Brooke Martin (FR); 6. Rourke Peralta (FR).

Girls 14-and-under 100 IM: 1. Ellie Brandbergh (TCC), 1:02.46; 2. Juliette Peel (TCC); 3. Susannah Tuder (CP); 4. Amelia Aversano (FR); 5. Shriya Karthikvatsan (LSA); 6. Lilly Hartmann (LSA).

Girls 18-and-under 50 free: 1. Serena Sharpless (CP), 26.43, 2. Angelina Franceschini (LSA), 3. Alexandra Bullen-Smith (LSA); 4. Ariel Roberts (FR); 5. Nina Fitzgerald (LSA); 6. Abbie Danko (TCC).

Girls 18-and-under 50 back: 1. Isabelle Peel (TCC), 29.77; 2. Abbie Danko (TCC); 3. Cameron Davis (CP); 4. Alexandra Bullen-Smith (LSA); 5. Grace McBride (CP); 6. Anya Fitzgerald (LSA).

Girls 18-and-under 50 breast: 1. Nina Fitzgerald (LSA) 33.72; 2. Ariel Lanoff (FR); 3. Anya Fitzgerald (LSA), 4. Erin Agosto (FR); 5. Katelyn McKiernan (CP); 6. Morgan Linsley (CP).

Girls 18-and-under 50 fly: 1. Ariel Lanoff (FR), 28.39; 2. Isabelle Peel (TCC); 3. Angelina Franceschini (LSA); 4. Serena Sharpless (CP); 5. Abbie Danko (TCC); 6. Ariel Roberts (FR).

Girls 18-and-under 100 IM: 1. Isabelle Peel (TCC); 1:03.86; 2. Nina Fitzgerald (LSA); 3. Angelina Franceschini (LSA); 4. Alexandra Bullen-Smith (LSA); 5. Cameron Davis (CP); 6. Tara Teipel (FR).

Boys 6-and-under 25 free: 1. Jaxson Burns (TCC), 20.97; 2. Shriven Joshi (CP), 3. Logan Hong (CP); 4. Connor Tarentino (TCC); 5. Sebastian Murdock (CP); 6. Mason Poe (TCC).

Boys 6-and-under 25 back: 1. Logan Hong (CP); 24.62, 2. Connor Tarantino (TCC), 3. Shravan Joshi (CP), 4. Jaxon Burns (TCC); 5. Sebastian Murdock (CP); 6. Chase Tarantino (TCC).

Boys 8-and-under 25 free: 1. Caden Burns (TCC), 16.60; 2.  Romit Kundu (WW); 3. Harvey Smith (CP); 4. Darren Elwood (CP); 5. Connor Skillman (WW); 6. Henry Wilhelm (CP) and Gavin Sutter (LSA).

Boys 8-and-under 25 back: 1. Darren Elwood (CP), 23.06; 2.  Ben Edelstein (LSA); 3. Romit Kundu (WW); 4. Caden Burns (TCC); 5. Turk Murn (FR); 6. Connor Skillman (WW).

Boys 8-and-under 25 breast: Liam Condon (TCC), 24.52; 2.  Felipe Samuel (LSA); 3. Leone Westrick (CP); 4. Anthony Pawlak (BF); 5. Benjamin Kahn (CP); 6. Milan Molina (CP).

Boys 8-and-under 25 fly: 1. Caden Burns (TCC), 23.29; 2. Aidan Verga (BF); 3. Connor Skillman (WW); 4. Gavin Sutter (CP); 4.  5. Henry Wilhelm (CP); 6. Matthew Brophy (CP).

Boys 8-and-under 100 IM: 1. Romit Kundu (WW), 1:44.16; 2. Gavin Sutter (LSA); 3. Leone Westrick (CP).

Boys 10-and-under 25 free: 1. Caleb Collins (LSA), 14.21; 2. Vasily Yanovsky (WW), 3. Kent Hong (CP); 4. David Brophy (CP); 5. Duncan Abbott (FR); 6. Nicolas Sutter (LSA).

Boys 10-and-under 25 back: 1. Vasily Yanovksy (WW), 18.25; 2. Owen O’Donnell (FR); 3. Connor Katz (WW); 4. Arjen Fuller (CP); 5. Kellen Murdock (CP); 6. Rishi Seth (TCC).

Boys 10-and-under 25 breast: 1. Caleb Collins (LSA), 19.78; 2. Kent Hong (CP); 3. Owen O’Donnell (FR); 4. Ben Walden (CP); 5. Nicolas Sutter (LSA); 6. Liam Peralta (FR).

Boys 10-and-under 25 fly: 1. Vasily Yanovsky (WW), 16.81; 2. David Brophy (CP); 3. Nathaniel Pnuszinski (CP); 4. Arthur Solopenkov (CP); 5. Luke Brennan (WW); 6. Nicolas Sutter (LSA).

Boys 10-and-under 100 IM: 1. Caleb Collins(LSA), 1:23.77; 2. Luke Brennan (WW); 3. Nathaniel Pruszinski (CP); 4. Nicolas Catalina(CP); 5. Josh DeMarco (BF); 6. Shawn Ellwood (CP).

Boys 12-and-under 50 free: 1. Daniel Bartsevich (LSA), 26.01 2. Luke Weingartner (WW), 3. Matthew Smith (LSA); 4. Reid Weingaertner (WW); 5. Alex Lee (TCC); 6. Nicholas Danko (TCC).

Boys 12-and-under 50 back: 1. Daniel Bartsevich (LSA), 31.80; 2. Nicholas Danko (TCC) 3. Reid Weingaertner (WW); 4. Paul LaCava (CP); 5. Aidan Rutz (FR); 6. Cole Verga (BF).

Boys 12-and-under 50 breast: 1. Matthew Smith (LSA), 39.07; 2. Aidan Rutz (FR); 3. Nicholas Danko (TCC); 4. Charlie Vachris (TCC); 5. Keisbin Kato (CP); 6. Colm Corcoran (BF).

Boys 12-and-under 50 fly: 1. Daniel Bartsevich (LSA) 30.84; 2. Julian Velazquez (CP); 3. Luke Weingaertner (WW); 4. Matthew Smith (LSA); 5. Alex Lee (TCC); 6. Cole Verga (BF).

Boys 12-and-under 100 IM: 1. Julian Velazquez (CP), 1:13.00; 2. Luke Weingaertner (WW); 3. Alex Lee (TCC); 4. Paul Lacava (CP); 5. Aidan Rutz (FR); 6. Matthew Baglio (CP).

Boys 14-and-under 50 free: 1. Will Yuchmow (LSA) 26.19; 2. Jason Kratzer (CP); 3. Nicholas Iraca (FR); 4. Matthew Laws (LSA); 5. Jake Ramos (LSA); 6. Andrew Kite (LSA).

Boys 14-and-under 50 back: 1. Owen Tennant (CP),  30.08; 2. Clay Peterson (FR); 3. Andrew Kite (LSA); 4. Rohit Kundu (WW); 5. Nicholas Artale (FR); 6. Benjamin Lilly (LSA).

Boys 14-and-under 50 breast: 1. Tyler Hartman (FR), 35.95; 2. Nicholas Iraca (FR); 3. Dylan Morris (BF); 4. Ryan Wilbur (FR); 5. Matthew Laws (LSA); 6. Matt DeMott (BF).

Boys 14-and-under 50 fly: 1. Will Yuchmow (LSA), 28.42; 2. Jason Kratzer (CP); 3. Andrew Lenkowsky (CP); 4. Clay Peterson (FR); 5. Clement Rizzo (WW); 6. Jake Ramos (LSA).

Boys 14-and-under 100 IM: 1. Will Yuchmow(LSA), 1:03.39; 2. Owen Tennant (CP); 3. Tyler Hartman (FR); 4. Clement Rizzo (WW); 5. Nick Hungerford (FR); 6. Dylan Morris (BF).

Boys 18-and-under 50 free: 1. Kyle Jorgensen (BF), 23.86; 2. Andrew Sukach (LSA); 3. Dixon Kahler (FR); 4. Charles Yandrisevits (CP); 5. Gabe Gutierrez (BF); 6. Ryan Walsh (FR).

Boys 18-and-under 50 back: 1. Alex Sukach (LSA), 27.10; 2.  Dylan Torrance (CP); 3. Kyle Jorgensen (BF); 4. Dixon Kahler (FR); 5. James Keane (BF); 6. Karl Lackner (CP).

Boys 18-and-under 50 breast: 1. Alex Sukach (LSA), 29.76; 2. Gabe Gutierrez (BF); 3. Sean Corcoran (BF); 4. Calvin Ristad (CP); 5. Logan Greif (FR); 6. Tristan Curbishley (BF).

Boys 18-and-under 50 fly: 1. Andrew Sukach (LSA), 26.09; 2. James Keane (BF); 3. Ryan Morris (BF); 4. Ethan Wild (BF); 5. Ryan Walsh (FR); 6. Philip LaCava (CP).

Boys 18-and-under 100 IM: 1. Alex Sukach (LSA), 56.72; 2. Andrew Sukach (LSA); 3. Dylan Torrance (CP); 4. Charles Yandrisevits (CP); 5. Ryan Morris (BF); 6. Ethan Wild (BF).

Girls 8-and-under free relay: 1. Whalers A (Cara Perez, Ava Katz, Maddy Brennan, Helen Chen) 1:20.86; 2. Community Park A; 3. Lawrence A.

Girls 10-and-under free relay: 1. Community Park A, (Charlotte Quick, Scarlett Angelone, Luna Bar-Cohen, Audrey Wilhelm) 1:07.02; 2. Lawrence A; 3. Flemington A.

Girls 12-and-under free relay: 1. Community Park A, (Alexandra Cherry, Katie DiVenti, Abbie Walden, Emily Smith) 1:51.89; 2. Community Park B; 3. Flemington A.

Girls 14-and-under free relay: 1. Flemington A, (Brooke Martin, Sophie Peterson, Kendall Michaels, Amelia Aversano) 1:56.09; 2. Lawrence A ; 3. Flemington B.

Girls 18-and-under free relay: 1. Community Park A, (Cameron Davis, Morgan Linsley, Madelyn Schwimmer, Serena Sharpless) 1:48.69; 2. Flemington A; 3. Lawrence A.

Boys 8-and-under free relay: 1. Community Park A, (Henry Wilhelm, Logan Hong, Harvey Smith, Darren Elwood) 1:22.55;  2. Lawrence A; 3. Community Park B.

Boys 10-and-under free relay: 1. Community Park A, (Kent Hong, Nicolas Catalina, Nathaniel Pruszinski, David Trophy) 1:06.80; 2. Community Park B; 3. Community Park C.

Boys 12-and-under free relay: 1. Community Park A, (Paul Lacava, Matthew Baglio, Richie Catalina, Julian Velazquez) 2:07.40; 2. Lawrence A; 3. Whalers A.

Boys 14-and-under free relay: 1. Flemington A, (Clay Peterson, Ryan Wilbur, Tyler Hartman, Nicholas Iraca) 1:49.68; 2. Lawrence A; 3. Community Park A.

Boys 18-and-under free relay: 1. Ben Franklin A, (Kyle Jorgensen, Gabe Gutierrez, Ryan Morris, James Keane) 1:36.68; 2. Community Park A; 3. Lawrence A.

Key: Ben Franklin (BF); Community Park (CP); Flemington-Raritan (FR); Lawrence Swimming Association (LSA); Trenton Country Club (TCC); West Windsor Whalers (WW). 


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