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Patty Cronheim, HTCAPP coordinator, www.HTCAPP.com, Hopewell Valley
    Opponents of the proposed PennEast pipeline submitted a letter today to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) outlining concerns with the upcoming scoping meetings scheduled to begin next week. They are calling on FERC to extend the scoping period and satisfactorily address the issues they’ve identified.
Caroline Katmann, executive director, Sourland Conservancy
William Kramer Jr.



A Place for Film Lovers
The New Jersey Film Festival promises something for everyone
ANY movie lover is bound to make a list of his or her favorite movies of the year, and one of the films that made Al Nigrin’s list is WildLike. Not to be confused with Wild, the film that earned Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern Oscar nominations, WildLike stars Ella Purnell (Never Let Me Go) as Mackenzie, who is sent to live in Alaska with her uncle (played by Brian Geraghty of The Hurt Locker).

   When her uncle turns out to be a predator, Mackenzie escapes, hoping to make her way back to her Seattle home. She meets Bruce Greenwood (known to trekkies as Captain Pike in the recent Star Trek movies), and as the two work together to make their way through the Alaska wild, they share experiences and learn about each other.

   ”It’s ultimately about two people who were doing soul searching that find each other,” says Mr. Nigrin, the director of the New Jersey Film Festival at Rutgers. “And it’s not a romantic film, it’s more a father-daughter relationship than anything else.”


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